Actress Kristina Asmus suffered beatings, dislike of parents, and for years hungry. This she announced in her instagram.

Yesterday Asmus published his photo in a slinky jumpsuit from the set of the show “the Gold of Gelendzhik”. In the caption to her she said that during the shoot I realized that earlier I had no idea what hard. The author of the comment with the most number of likes written that it is difficult to compete when the whole day bricks at a construction site when digging with a shovel in the morning until the evening, when the mine sit for days.

“Yes. But I also think that difficult child for 10 years to engage forcibly the sport for 13 hours a day (even with a double fracture), to endure beatings, dislike parents for years to starve and the first birthday to celebrate in 18 years. Speaking of that "pampered instantise have no idea what is work",” wrote Asmus in response.

In September, as reported by “the Rambler”, Asmus said that the Director Philipp Yuryev took but didn’t use the Nude scenes with her part in his film “the Whaler”, and it is very nice.