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The historical strict measures that were implemented nearly two weeks ago applies in the first instance to Thursday this week.

at 16 to prime minister Erna Solberg and health minister Bent on High inform about the further handling of the koronavirusutbruddet.

Jensen says she has great respect for the opinions the government should do is difficult and complicated.

I realize that one must put life and health first, but it is at the same time so that our economy is so damaged by this that I believe the government also needs to look at whether it is possible with some more flexibility, said Jensen, when she participated in the Political quarters on Tuesday morning.

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Jensen believes the government need to consider to get more back work in order to limit the health effects in the Norwegian economy.

We as citizens need to follow the advice at any time, but it does not necessarily mean that we need to stop with all that we did before. My point is that if the government can consider a somewhat more flexible arrangement of the instruments, it will in reality mean that we get a little more wheel time in the community, ” she says.

Jensen also points out the much-talked hytteforbudet, and ask the government to consider whether it should continue to be as categorical as of now.

– It’s all about, for example, that it is amazing big difference in cabin areas around the country. Some places located the cabins are very close, other places very scattered. I think it will be reasonable, for now there are many debates in Norwegian society that I believe the government will have to take seriously if we are to have citizens in the dugnaden that all set up now, ” says Jensen.

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Karl Johan street by the Norwegian Parliament. The picture is taken in the previous week.

Photo: Truls Alnes Antonsen / NRK – Need tough measures

health minister Bent Tall (H) notified a continuation of the many efforts at Monday’s press conference about the daily koronastatusen.

I know that many people hope the most stringent measures are being revoked. Those who hope and believe that this spring will be to the tend, will probably be disappointed, ” he said.

Oslo yesterday Raymond Johansen struck on Monday morning stated that the municipality will keep on the strict measures until further notice.

” We must take tough measures for this not to last for long. The short pain is better than this to be dragged out in many, many months and that we keep getting more infected because we do not comply with the rules, he said.

Johansen believes it is too early to open schools and kindergartens, and alerts that the limit on the number of people in the folkeansamlinger can be revised down sharply.

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Siv Jensen stresses that one must listen to medical advice, but believes there are several things that must be taken into consideration.

unfortunately There are also many children that have it difficult at home now. Hjelpetelefonene have demand. It could probably be that you should facilitate that some more children can come back to school and kindergarten, simply because they have it worse without, ” she says.

Knowledge and integreringsminister Guri Melby (V).

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Knowledge and integreringsminister Guri Melby (V) state schools and kindergartens may be closed as long as they need, but that the measures must be considered all the time.

– There are restrictive measures. It will take a long time to find out whether it was right or not. The longer such measures persists, the worse it will be for the most vulnerable. My impression is that there is broad support around the measures, ” she says.

Melby praises of the teachers goes a long way to facilitate good home, and says she also has heard of day care centers that call around to hear how it goes with the kids.

– There are so many who do so much for this situation to be livable. All honor to them. My hope is that we don’t need it too long, but we must put life and health first, ” says Melby.

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