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– hair regrowth has almost become a symbol of unity. When we come out on the other side it may be nice to show off hair regrowth, says Jarl Martin Garder in arbeidsgivarorganisasjonen Norwegian frisørar and velværebedrifter.

He encourages what he called the reindeer development-volunteers. That people only leave it to the, and four on the requirements.

NATURAL HAIR color: the ministry of Justice and beredskapsminister Monica Mæland (H) at the press conference 31. march 2020.

Photo: NRK / Screenshot

Now several weeks without open frisørsalongar about to be visible to the naked eye. And with statsrådar set on TV-interview with obvious re-growth.

Asks for help in social media

But not all manage to settle down with the hair regrowth. The small gray becomes more and more. Bright frisyrar becomes darker. Dark frisyrar are faded.

On Facebook asking people for advice in the fight against hair regrowth.

A GOOD ADVICE: Anything development-dyeing at home was a good advice for others.

Photo: Screenshot / Facebook

GO TO the BARBER: More asking for development-advice on the Facebook for the time.

Photo: Screenshot / Facebook

– Some frisørar have been contacted by tenants, users, and asked if not they can come home to them to klippa. It is a too big risk to take, but some may fall for freistinga and think that they are healthy, ” says Eva Moi Skøie, head of Agder wellness and frisørlaug.

And she think that this period can take anything out in time.

Eva Moi Skøie

Photo: Private

I think frisørsalongar are among the last who are allowed to open up again. I am afraid this may last for several months.

It can mean that Elisabeth Johnsen Lindboe in Lillesand’ll proceed with putting the hair up in the tail. She has not been at the hairdresser for four months. Now is your hair almost like steel wool to count.

Sletne hårtuppar is something many grapple with on the day. – A i-landsproblem.

Photo: Private

I know several frisørar, but have no desire to break dugnaden. It try really, but I’ll let be. To not get klippa hair is an i-landsproblem. It is not worth infecting people for a haircut.

Reigns from the heimefarging

Barber, Thomas Skeide Johannessen, Bergen.

Photo: Silje Thalberg / NRK Hordaland

Trond Skeide Johannessen drive Tronds frisørteam in Bergen. He reigns from customers to color your hair at home. If there is a crisis, recommends him some sprayar that you can use at home, or a weaker heimefarging.

– But at the same time get I a little respect for them that goes with the development. I have a sense of them standing up on TV and support us frisørar to say that yes, shit in hair regrowth.

He encourages people to go with hair regrowth without worrying.

– I think it is a good signal to send, so we have a bit to do when we come back. I gler me every day for the time to come.

Fixes saucy himself

For those who choose to drop oppmodinga about to drop out hair regrowth, it is still a kind of help to get

Fairhair hairdresser in Haugesund, has opent a couple of hours, so that customers get to buy the most adopted, and begat with expert advice on the purchase.

– I show customers how to do it at home. I sell most heimefarge and spray for hair regrowth, says Marita Sørensen at Fairhair hairdresser in Haugesund.

the RIGHT COLOR: Berit Santin to color your hair at home. Barber, Marita Sorensen helping to find the right color.

Photo: Thomas Halleland / NRK

Advice as, among others, Berit Santin appreciated.

– It is awesome that the salon is open. I must cover the gray håra, she says, and takes the bag with the hair color, and good frisørråd home.

And there are also people who now take frisørsaksa in their own hands. Or considering to do so.

– The one my son has been løvemanke. I have considered to buy a proper frisørsaks, but no matter how good the scissors I have, I think not it will be good. Even with the help of YouTube, says Lindboe.

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