Ashley Graham with husband Justin Erwin

32-year-old model plus-size Ashley Graham and her husband, Justin Ervin today to remember the happy moments of his family life, which has accumulated a lot, because the couple is celebrating the tenth anniversary of marriage. br>Today I love you more than 10 years ago, when I got married! How is this possible?! Thank you for trusting me your heart and every day make me better. Yes, the Lord bless you, Justin! Happy anniversary! she wrote.

Ashley Graham Justin Ervin

Graham met with Erwin videographer at Church in 2009, and a year later married love. This year was special: January 18, 2020 Ashley gave birth to their first child — son of Isaac Menelik Giovanni Erwin.
10 years ago we gave each other promises, which later turned into what we did. We really traveled the world, raised a family, experienced the best of the best and won the worst of the worst. And now we have the pleasure to think back 10 years and to direct our gaze into the future — what we will do. Let’s raise our glasses for our first decade! Happy anniversary, stinky. I love you! — admitted Justin of love to his wife on the social network.

Ashley Graham with son Isaac