Ashley Graham with son Isaac

After the birth of his son Isaac, a 32-year-old Ashley Graham not long disappeared from the pages of gloss: husband plus-size model copes with the camera (Justin Erwin graduated from the School of visual arts in new York). Fresh digital issue of Elle magazine appeared all three in a photo shoot made by Irwin on a family farm in Nebraska, where they took refuge for the duration of the quarantine. In an interview with 40-year-old Kristen bell and Ashley speculate about bodypositive, acceptance of her figure, and the changes that occurred after birth.

Ashley Graham with husband Justin Ervin and son, Isaac

Graham said that stretch marks appeared after her pregnancy, making her feel like “a superhero”.

Looking at your new stretch marks, and all other external changes, I think that women have superhero traits. Our bodies were created to give life. To give birth — that’s fine, but I realized it when I became a mother. Before pregnancy, of course, believed that women like myself, at any change shape. But after pregnancy I had to rethink the attitude. I quickly began to gain weight. And stretch marks on my stomach at first horrified me, but when Isaac was born, I realized that stretching is not just my fight, this is my drastic change, — Graham said in an interview.

Isolation on a farm in her native Nebraska allowed the model to give maximum attention to the son. br>I feed the baby, change diapers and every time you want to enable Zoom, do yourself a new way — remembered model your life on the farm.

Ashley admitted that continues to struggle with the retouching of professional photo shoots.
I have allowed the fashion industry to take over my body, but it was the moment of freedom, and I said to myself: “Enough, I’ll do what I want”. Changes in his personal and professional life was not long to wait, but had to work hard — added Graham.