1. Wachau, Austria,

it is considered to be one of the most beautiful regions of Austria. Here, the Danube, the wine and history come together harmoniously. The Wachau in lower Austria is one of those areas that are tiny, but so much to offer that one can spend playing a long weekend.

The 37-Kilometer-long Danube valley is just before Vienna, the capital of blessed by a mild climate that makes here since Roman times, famous wines grow. A walk through the vineyards in the mild spring sun is a Must, especially in may. Then the Wachau wine spring, in which 100 winemakers present their wines.

Ever spring is a perfect time for a visit: in Addition to wine, also in Apricot (apricot) in the Wachau, planted. In the spring, about 100’000 trees to turn the land into a white sea of Flowers.

And also culturally there is a lot to see (the Region is a Unesco world heritage site). A Highlight is the monastery of Melk on a rocky outcrop above the Danube river sits one of the most beautiful monastery complexes in Europe.

Get there: With the direct train from Zurich to Vienna (which you should visit during a visit to the Region anyway) and from there with the regional train in the Wachau. Or you traveled the Wachau region with the river ship Excellence Baroness on the Danube & the Wachau valley trip.

information: donau.com

2. Channel Islands

It is tricky with the channel Islands: Geographically, the Islands in the English channel, belonging to France, culturally, they are influenced English and a political hodgepodge. The seven Channel Islands directly to the Queen, but not the Kingdom part of the United Kingdom. Some of the legislation even in the year 2019 is still in the fief system of the middle ages, bizarre traditions, which attract more and more visitors.

at All, it is the touch of “yesteryear” and the comfortable life style of the channel Islands is a popular holiday destination for all those who have no desire to razzle-dazzle.

Washed by the remote heating of the Gulf stream sprout in the spring on the Channels 1500 different species of flowers – a dream for botanists and Hobby gardeners. Beautifully the various gardens of the manor house Samarès Manor on Jersey. Tip: The concentrated load flow power there is in the Parade Battle of Flowers, the decorated cars and people on 8./9. August 2019 through the streets dragging.

Get there: The channel Islands are not so easy to achieve. Either you fly via London to Jersey or Guernsey, or with the ferry from Brittany.

information: visitchannelislands.com

3. Mallorca, Spain

While the buds and the spring have to wait, draws in Mallorca already a very special robe. The Balearic island of turns thanks to its more than four million almond trees in a pink-white sea of Flowers. Particularly spectacular is the view over the flourishing island from the monastery on mount Randa in the South of Mallorca is. Great Photo Spot!

Who wants to dive, walk into the pink-and-white world, should be one of the almond blossoms paths to explore. A beautiful hike leads from the mountain village of Esporles in the Tramuntana mountains up to Banyalbufar to the sea. The mini mountains of Serra de Tramuntana is reminiscent of a cross of Tuscany and Provence. Here you will find pine forests, olive groves, the stick hanging in terraces on the mountain, hidden coves and cute villages that have never seen a construction boom.

A secret tip is to put on a hike to the Peninsula of Sa Foradada, a simple Restaurant, the regular Hollywood star. Necessarily the home-made Paella a try!

Get there: To Mallorca, there are many direct connections. Locally, especially in the exploration of the Tramuntana mountains, we recommend a rental car.

information: infomallorca.net

4. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The organization of the European capitals of culture is always good for a Surprise. Together with the southern Italian city of Matera, the Bulgarian Plovdiv in this year the coveted title.

Plovdiv? The second-largest metropolis of Bulgaria in this country is not as good as known. The city is older than Rome or Athens and perhaps one of the oldest on the continent.

Historical Remnants there are, therefore, abound. In particular, the Romans have left their traces In many shops of the old town you can look through a glass floor on the stadium once. Also impressive is the Roman theatre, the stands in the midst of medieval buildings. The history of the Region variable was accordingly stained, the cultural mix is diced in here.

With his Armenian, Bulgarian and Jewish population may refer to Plovdiv to law as a Multicultural city. Fittingly, the Motto for the city of culture, was chosen the year: “Together”, together. About 500 Events are planned.

Get there: With the flight from Switzerland to Sofia. From there, in about 2 hours with the Bus to Plovdiv. Who would like to see more of the country, what is recommended, you should rent a car.

information: visitplovdiv.com