little more than a year is pulled out of the Zurich Urs Fischer (53) to Germany. The coach of the 1. FC Union Berlin lives in a Three-room apartment in the Berlin district of Köpenick. The apartment search has not proved to be as easy as the 53-Year-old LOOK told. During the preparation and the start of the season in his first Bundesliga head coach at second division Union Berlin, lived for fishing for three months in a Hotel.

“The club has supported me for the luck in the apartment search and viewings organised,” said Fischer. It had been over 30 apartments he has looked at in Berlin, until he was able to find.

it was Important to him that the apartment has a built-in kitchen – which is in Germany, rental housing is not a matter of course. In addition, the apartment should be close to the Stadion an der Alten Försterei, so that he can also occasionally walk to work, and not with the car through the whole city must go.

players in the same house

most of The furniture in the Three and a half-room apartment of the football coach, in his second homes in Thun, Switzerland and later in Basel, where he stood in front of his current involvement in the Union as a coach, under contract. The modern and bright apartment in the ownership standard in Berlin-Köpenick is in a multi-family house with fantastic views of the Spree. The apartment owners are Union Fans, what has facilitated fisherman’s prospect of a commitment to something.

The apartment has a master bedroom with a private bathroom. The double bed is the same bed that he shared in his home in Switzerland with his wife Sandra. At home in Switzerland, the couple fishermen bought a new bedroom. In the second bedroom for the two daughters or for friends and family from Switzerland to visit, the fishermen regularly at his second place of residence.

In the same house live two of Union’s players. With them, a fisherman has spoken before the conclusion of the contract and clarify whether it would be a Problem for you, if he moves into the vacant apartment. “That had to be discussed. The players should feel that they are not in the private life of me controlled.”

Relax the head and empty

Fischer Is not with his team or on business, enjoying the Bundesliga coach all his free time in his Berlin apartment or his Hobby is fishing. Whenever possible, he travels home to his family in Zurich. “I feel very comfortable in Berlin. My home is where I have my roots – my family in Switzerland”.

In his apartment In Berlin, he feels well and has set up accordingly. On the balcony with view on the river Spree, it can shut down in the summer. “When I’m at home, then I look but just like Netflix and empty the head.” In the evening, he cooks most of the time. He rarely goes private to eat out. “I often make Spaghetti for me. I like that.”

coach and Hausmann

It looks neat and clean when fishing. His budget he’s done himself. “I’ve still got dusted extra, cleaned and shopped, before my wife comes,” he says, laughing. The Derby Union Berlin against Hertha Berlin, his wife and friends to visit.

The coach goes about his Job like always. The first Cup of coffee there for him in the Morning at home, then he spends time in the office and with his team in the stadium. The first Derby between Hertha and in the Bundesliga newcomer dominates the city and is explosive. The Zurich is not out of the rest. “Of course the Derby is something Extraordinary. In the end it comes to important points, no matter how the opponent is. We want to put our stamp on,” says Fischer before the game.

The Union Berlin is a success. The Iron dominated the game clearly. After a 1:0 victory after a penalty kick in the 87. Minute Zurich can cheer after the final whistle at the side line. After the press conference, Fischer departs at 23 o’clock in his apartment and looking at the summary of the other Bundesliga games.

A final press deadline is coming up on Sunday. A lot of conversation because of the Almost-game crash, due to the ignited Pyros the Herha Fans during the game. Then the end of work for the Bundesliga-Trainer. For two days he has released his team. For him even a little time to enjoy and spending time with his wife, Sandra, of Berlin, very private. On Tuesday, Fischer will return to training with his team and the next opponent in Mainz to prepare.

“My family is missing me already”

If he’s not at his second home in Berlin, lives of the 53-Year-old, together with his wife Sandra and their two adult daughters, Riana (25), and Chiara (21) in a family house in Zurich-Affoltern.

His coaching career in the Super League, the Zurich 2010 was launched at FC Zurich, where he stood until his release in 2012, on the sidelines. From 2013 to 2015, he was coach at FC Thun, until he received an offer from FC Basel, and by 2017 there head coach was.

In April 2017, announced the club’s management of the FCB that you want to start the 2017/2018 season with a new coach. On 1. June 2018, Urs Fischer from the 1 was. FC Union Berlin have been committed. In his first season he was with the second division side Union ascension in the First Bundesliga, confirming his contract has been extended at the Iron automatically until 2021.

whenever possible a fisherman travels with his family to Zürich, or his wife and daughters visit him in Berlin. Urs Fischer: “of Course I miss my family often, but that has stabilised now well-established.”