And this is one of the reasons why Northwest this year are experiencing an influx of tourists, most of whom start their journey from St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Moreover, in the period of the most strict anti-epidemic two adjacent constraints in the region has not imposed a mandatory two-week isolation for visitors.

cruise on the water is one of the most comfortable types of recreation: it is not necessary to worry about the transport, nor food, nor the bed, nor the leisure time – all questions will be decided by the organizers. However, the prices of such a trip is impressive.

the Journey to Valaam with a tour of the Valaam monastery, its sketes and beauties of lake Ladoga will cost 14 thousand rubles per person. While tour organizers represent it as three days, but in fact the cruise ship departs in the evening from St. Petersburg, arrives in the morning to Balaam and spends the day and in the evening sent back.

If travelers want to choose a trip with an intermediate stop – now it is often the first capital of Ancient Rus, Old Ladoga, Mandrogi village craftsmen, the fortress Oreshek (Shlisselburg), Konevetsky a monastery on the island – prices start from 22,4 thousand for four days (scheme of counting time still).

More budget option would be an independent organization of travel. In this case, the primary location should choose the St. Petersburg – it is easy enough to build almost any route in the Northwest.

for Example, to the Oreshek fortress can be reached from the metro station “Ulitsa Dybenko” on the bus – journey takes about an hour, and the cost of the ticket within $ 100. Or by train from the Finland station.

the History of the fortress begins in the XIV century as a history of an Outpost of Novgorod against the Swedes. Then she was a political prison in which he was kept among the people. And in the years of the great Patriotic war kept the defense a single garrison of the red army. Now available for inspection the territory of the fortress, exposure to New and Old jail and the panoramic route “the Neva promenade” – all in compliance with sanitary restrictions.

“throughout the island organized by radio broadcast recording tours of the Museum, from which visitors will be able to get all the basic information about the history of Oreshek fortress”, – reported in the State Museum of history of St. Petersburg, a branch of which is the fortress.

the Fortress is named for the Walnut island in the mouth of the Neva, so is a nice bonus – a visit to it begins with a short trip across the water.

the ticket Price for the ferry – 300 roubles there and back for adults. There are discounts for students, seniors, as well as for purchase online. A ticket to the Museum is charged 250 rubles for adults and discounts for beneficiaries.

Such an option routethat can be developed for any attractions within a few hours drive from St. Petersburg including the Alexander-Svirsky monastery complex or Tikhvin, where the famous Tikhvin icon of the mother of God.

the Most famous and visited remains of the Valaam Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery located on the Islands of the Valaam archipelago.

In the view of this pearl of the Ladoga lake does not need. People go there for the beauty of Karelian nature (administrative Balaam refers to the Republic of Karelia), and for the wonders of architecture (Valaam ascetics would make his abode in the New Jerusalem). On the island in the early XX century there appeared the names of New Testament times: Kidron Creek, mount Olivet, resurrection and Gethsemane sketes.

Just by the way, in the monastery was composed of 13 monasteries, located in different parts of the archipelago, and 21 chapel. Restored to date 11. Of course, a separate direction – pilgrimage tourism.

to get to Balaam’s self better is also from St. Petersburg and in the same way – by electric train from Finland station or by bus to the city of Priozersk, where on the shore of Ladoga lake is easy to find the berth of the Valaam monastery.

During the summer navigation of the ship “Balaam” departs from the pier in Priozersk usually around 9: 30am, and “Meteora” – about 11.00, – listed on the official website of the monastery. The fit on them is possible only at presence of vacant places.

the community has the page “Vkontakte”, where the latest information about ticket prices and schedules. If necessary, on the island or in Priozersk you can spend the night.

the price per double room in the hotel with a good rating in July of this year start from two thousand rubles. And about accommodation and prices on the island information you need to know in advance. Her contact info is on the official website of the monastery.

Navigation in the Northern capital was allowed on June 28. According to official data, last season on various boats and teplohodike to explore the beauty of St. Petersburg from the water are more than 2.7 million people.

this year’s figure is significantly more modest. Therefore, the rivermen, including the largest operators of water cruises, has decided to extend the work until the end of November.

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