Today is Thursday Halloween is celebrated in the around the world. Many of the festivals, however, have to do with life and death or honor deceased ancestors and family members.

Samhain, Ireland or Scotland

Samhain – the Feast of the dead and the Celtic new year: Halloween, as we know it today, is based on this Festival. As Halloween today was Samhain, always in the night from 31. October 1. November instead. Originally it was the Festival of renewal and, therefore, releasing the Old and the New and to prepare. Because in the Celtic view, only the death can create new life.

Samhain ushered in the darkest period of the year. The Celts believed that would open that night, the gate to the under world. Fear of evil beings, between the hills or in the depths of the sea hidden. To protect yourself from this, lit a large fire, which should represent the sun.

Día de los Muertos, Latin America

The Día de los Muertos, or in English “day of the dead”, is celebrated in Mexico and other Parts of Latin America. It is believed that at midnight on the 31. October, the gates to heaven open, and join the souls of the deceased children and their families. On the second of November, the souls of the deceased adult, to see their families follow them.

On this day, victims made gifts in the Form of food, water, candles, and family keepsakes. So the ancestors will be assured of a warm welcome and your Hunger will be satisfied after the long journey. Unlike Halloween, Día de los Muertos is a Celebration of life and death. The Festival full of colors, singing and dancing lasts for three days.

Pchum Ben, Cambodia

The Pchum Ben, or in English “day of the ancestors”, is a 15-day religious Festival in Cambodia, the 15. Day of the tenth month of the Khmer calendar, its climax takes place. Similar to the Día de los Muertos in Mexico, it commemorates the day of his ancestors and celebrates for three days.

the date of The day of the ancestors changes every year: in 2019, it lasted from 27. up to 29. September. We then visited his family, bring offerings and burn for the deceased members of the family candles. In rural areas, believers throwing rice balls in the air or on the fields. The ghosts are from the spiritual part of the food feed.

Bonfire Night, England

On 5. November the Bonfire Night will be held in England. The day Guy Fawkes celebrates, a traitor in the 17th century. Century wanted to blow up the houses of Parliament in London in the air. He had dragged using its grouping several Fässe full of Gunpowder in the basement of the building, and wanted that light there. The so-called “Bonfire Plot” failed, however, Fawkes was arrested and later executed. With large Fires and fireworks commemorates Fawkes and his failed Plan.

Hungry Ghost Festival, China

The Hungry Ghost Festival, or in English “the day of the wandering souls”, will take place somewhat earlier than the classic Halloween. But even here, it is to honor the dead. It is believed, to this time, the spirits of the dead to roam the world. In order for this not to be hungry and mischief, the victim made gifts. Money, cars, watches, and jewelry made of paper are burned so that the spirits will see that you care even after your death in order to Material for you.