1. Easter in Hungary

This Tradition looks rather unpleasant. The men allowed at Easter, to shower women with water. It is intended to clean the women to increase fertility. As today’s ladies no longer need to be really cleaned, there is also an Alternative to involuntary shower: The men are allowed to use perfume, to bring the long hair of the women for the smell.

2. Easter in Sweden

For Swedish children is Easter what is Halloween for other children. On Easter Monday you have to dress up as witches and go door-to-door and ask for sweets. This Tradition has its roots in the old sagas. The witches should have on this day, the witches ‘ dance on the famous Meadow block mountain gathered.

3. Easter in Brazil

For Catholics in Brazil, the “Semana Santa” (dt. Holy week) is of great importance. The population created carpets made from wood shavings, flour, sugar and what else you can find. In some places, but been doing a little straw dolls of Judas should be.

4. Easter in the Czech Republic

Also, this Easter Tradition is rather special. Similarly as in Hungary it is allowed for men to beat on Easter Monday the women with a rod on the butt. The tail is decorated with colored bands and is used to cause the women pain. This Ritual is intended to receive possible to serve the beauty and fertility of the ladies.

5. Easter in Greece

The Easter morning begins, as in many other countries, with a trade show. In Corfu the Post, however, after the fair. At 11:00 am, the population starts, pots and pans and all sorts of other ceramics to throw around. This custom was originally performed on new year’s day to resolve to the old things. With time, however, he was moved to Easter.

6. Easter in England

In certain Parts of the UK will be celebrated with the help of the folk dance “Morris”, the Easter. This dance dates back to the middle ages and is supposed to bring good luck. In earlier times, he was often at the court of a king.

7. Easter in Italy

Our neighboring country is rich for its tradition and history. At Easter, the customs may not be missing. In Florence, a carriage, drawn by two white oxen is brought, with the help of fireworks to Burn. This Tradition is due to the crusaders, who wanted to clean with the help of this fire from all Evil.

8. Easter in France

In the town of Haux are processed to 4500 eggs in a single Omelette, which feeds about 1000 people. The story goes that Napoleon and his army Stop in this village and made an Omelette ACE. Since it it so well-tasted, he ordered the town’s residents the next day, for his army a huge. However, there are no official records of this event – It remains a Forecast.