As the regions are the transfer of staff to udalenku

For all, without exception, enterprises that embrace udalenku, the acute problem related to the protection of information and communication. And often it becomes the main obstacle for the dissolution of the employees home. However, for CEOs another headache. Discipline.

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Director of the design Studio in Nizhny Novgorod Nikolay Tkachenko alarmed by how excited some of his staff took the news about udalenku. No one relaxed it twice a day, morning and evening, conducting meetings using the conferencing. Distributes tasks in the morning, in the evening verifies their execution. Not weaken the control of other executives. As they say, trust but verify.

also Important are technical and technological conditions to afford udalenku. The mobile, of course, turned out to be companies that have long been “sitting figure”, whose activity is connected with the IT services and call centers. Udalenku introduce aggregators and mobile operators. It is the most distant from industrial enterprises, banks and trade. But there are exceptions.

“the Transition to remote working and we can, – said “RG” Director of personnel of the company Rostselmash Denis Radionov (Rostov oblast). But only employees who are to perform the job functions need only paper and pen. But the proportion of such employees is not very large. Most of the employees tied to production in real shops and on real machines”.

For enterprises that embrace udalenku, it is important to protect information and communications. It can become an obstacle to the dissolution of people’s homes

I Found the reserve to udalenka and the country’s largest shopping network. This week she started poetabut to transfer employees from the head office in Krasnodar and staff in other regions to home mode. This will affect about half of the team. The list includes accountants, marketers, pregnant women and those older than 50 years.

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the Employees of banks, as trading too much home not to disperse, although not so strict as for those who stand at the bench. So I found a niche in remote and banks. In Yekaterinburg employees of the head office of the Bank for entrepreneurs already working on udalenke. On Monday they offered to leave office by taxi at the company’s expense. The organization has no offices, in which clients come, therefore, for them, little has changed. Opening of accounts is now happening remotely, such a mechanism has long worked in cities where there are no couriers. And the Ural Bank for reconstruction and development has translated into remote mode only those employees that are not associated with customer service.

So, as you can see, is – still the privilege of the “white collar” and it people. And in a small town with her easier than the big. It is easier to organize the workflow itself.

it is possible that udalenku begin to move and power. “RG” wrote, how in Yaroslavl region government plans to hold meetings by video-conferencing. And as reported “RG” in a press-service of the Governor of the Astrakhan region, the administration is not yet transferred to udalenku, but journalists recommended that remote communication with the officials by phone or instant messengers.

Changes and a shift mode on the Yamal Peninsula. Most people working here in gas, oil and Strojalnoj industries – visitors from other regions. Their “udalenku from home” will be extended to three months. This will allow you to take the time to analysis and to prevent the influx of patients.


the employees, which translate into udalenku, there are many questions, as the form that many were previously unfamiliar. Collecting the most frequently asked, “RG” asked him to answer them the rector of Academy of labour and sootnoshenii Alexander Safonov.

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Alexander Lvovich, the employee can voluntarily go to the remote mode of operation in connection with the announcement in the region of high alert to combat the coronavirus?

Alexander Safonov an Employee can approach. But the decision is made solely by the employer, which must issue a special order.

it is defined exactly which workers can go to remote mode. How, and by what technical means is the communication between employees. For example, what programs are used, computers and means of communication – personal, of the company. As they are delivered to the house and so on. And of course, it should be pointed out, who and as supervises the execution of tasks.

Can the employer reduce the salary on remote, arguing that on the road now the employee money not to spend?

Alexander Safonov the Labour code does not provide a reduction in wages due to the transition to a remote work format.

A worker is entitled to a raise, because he spends more remote home electricity, rising cost of talking on the phone, on the Internet?

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Alexander Safonov the employee has the right to apply for compensation for additional costs. But the employer needs to take the initiative to state in its order the grounds and amount of compensation for the costs associated with the operation of personal resources. If any.

our legislation has sufficient rules and regulations work on remote? Or anything else necessary to make provision in the Labour code?

Alexander Safonov In the Labour code organization of work outside the main place is governed by article 310 “Outworkers” and Chapter 49.1. “Peculiarities of regulation of labor of remote employees.”

However, these sections do not define features that are due to force majeure. Therefore, it is required to clarify the nature of the relationship of employer and employee for special conditions caused by the disaster.