In Russia during the isolation the greatest demand for fiction and fantasy. These books gave preference to every fourth listener.

In Singapore, there was a rapid growth of interest in children’s books. “Listening to children’s literature during the quarantine amounted to 24 percent of all audiobooks. To quarantine the figure was 15 percent,” the company says.

Sweden has made a choice in favor of detectives and thrillers. 45% of students – a significant figure. Curious, but in Mexico this section draws only 11 percent of the audience. Here are the most popular categories of steel “Novels and fiction” and “personal development”.

India was quite conservative: here, the most popular classic literature. Distinguished and Iceland, fascinated by relationships (16% of students). In no other country in the world, where there is a Storytel, romance novels don’t have such high ratings.

“Most popular audiobooks was and remains the category of “mystery & thrillers”, then with a small margin – “Novels and fiction”. However, the conditions of quarantine of the family, remaining at home with their children, came to new listeners contributed to the growth of the section “Children’s books” and enable “child mode” for electronic devices. This mode allows you to limit children’s access to the entire library and only listen to children’s books” – explain the results of the study in Storytel.

“Biography” and “personal development” were also the two categories, whose popularity has grown significantly during the quarantine.

Despite the differences in mentality and readers ‘ preferences in all 20 countries of presence Storytel, there is one author whose works all listen to with great pleasure. First place in the global ranking of the popularity surely is JK Rowling’s stories about Harry Potter.