As the KHL is planning to finish the championship in 2019/20

to Continue the season want. Interested in this as a whole is a huge army of fans, the sports Ministry of Russia, the Federation of hockey of Russia, the KHL. Now the main thing – not to panic and not to go on about those who are trying to introduce confusion into domestic hockey.

Photo: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti media: the Defender “Ottawa” Zaitsev became the first cases of coronavirus in the NHL

Overseas, the NHL will play its championship football Russian Premier League, UEFA Champions League, national championship in Europe will also be finished. In the NHL, none of the players are not in favor of the abolition of the season, unlike the veterans of foreign players in our League. If the end of the season without the determination of the winner, it turns out that wasted huge amounts of money, including the state. Our hockey will suffer reputational damage.

we will Remind, as events developed. KHL quietly managed to hold not only the regular season, but the 1/8 finals of the playoffs. Pair in the second round looked very promising CSKA – “Dynamo” (Moscow), SKA – Jokerit, “AK bars” – “Salavat Yulaev”, “Barys” – “Siberia”. But the coronavirus has broken all plans. First, from the struggle for the Gagarin Cup refused early Finnish “Jokerit” and a few days later a similar statement was made by Kazakhstan “Barys”. In almost all cities which are situated in the remaining six clubs from Moscow, was declared the bans on mass events. In the end, the NHL had no choice but to suspend the season, and that was done after the meeting in the Ministry of sports together with the Premier League and United League basketball. Until April 10.

But what to do with the season of the KHL on, is not yet resolved. Some Legionnaires, like the Swedish striker “Salavat Yulaev” Linus Odarka and even whole clubs like Kazan “AK bars”, the urge to finish the season early. But this position looks very balanced. Imagine that on 10 April the situation with the spread of the coronavirus is under control and the doctors give the go-ahead for sporting events. Then the KHL will remain visible obstacles to the resumption of the Cup of Gagarin.

Before my eyes the example of the National hockey League that have not even thought about canceling the season and intends to move it to may or even June. Given the fact that the world hockey championship in Switzerland is about to abolish, the whole of may will be available to the KHL. To bring the season to its logical end for any League is not only a way to minimize financial losses and reputational nature. Click on stop easiest. Much harder to find the right time to come up with a suitable format, together with the authorities to approve the plan of action.

In this sense, it is important that most of the CHL have an understanding of how to live. This is evidenced by an interview with the President of the League of Alexei Morozov, which can be safely called a software. It is possible to make several conclusions. First, the KHL, if necessary, not afraid to play matches without spectators. Recall one such game took place in a series of “Spartak” – “Dynamo”. At first sight the position is not the most popular, and Morozov himself is well aware: “Hockey players, it was unusual to play in such an environment, I can say this as someone who has hockey career and who knows how important the atmosphere in the stands.” On the other hand, the main part of the audience watching the KHL matches on television. It would be unfair to deprive hundreds of thousands of fans favorite show”.

Photo: RIA Novosti championship KHL has become the third most visited in Europe

the Second conclusion. The KHL knows how to bring the season to the end and prepared for the different turns. “The current situation of force majeure. But we prepared different scenarios depending on the situation, through negotiation with the clubs. There was a variant of the suspension of the championship for a week, as we announced a few hours before the meeting in the Ministry of sports. Thus developed a scenario in which six teams divided into two groups, 33 days to determine the winner first in the round Robin and then semi-final and final series. This scenario and now we keep in mind. Only time for its implementation is now much less,” – emphasizes the frosts.

Dubbed the formula is not dogmatic. If “Barys” and “Jokerit” wish to return to the fight for the Gagarin Cup, KHL is ready to develop a new script. The timing of the playoffs is also not the final. “The contracts of the players are valid until 30 April, – the President of the KHL. – Next steps the League is entirely dependent on the development of the situation with the spread of the pandemic and decisions taken by public authorities. There is a variant in which the championship we will finish after April 30. I am sure that we will be able to respond to any change in the situation. If it is decided that the danger to life and health is over, we will make every effort to finish the championship. And to finish it, of course, with the fans in the stands”.