King Mohammed VI of Morocco with a fortune of $ 2.5 billion is considered to be one of the richest monarchs in the world. The head of state in charge of Treasury in its sole discretion, does not stop before any expenses for himself and his family. Each year on pocket money, he gets $ 40 million. In his garage Maybach, Aston Martin, Ferrari, and dozens of other luxury and tuned cars. About the monarch who wears a watch in white gold with diamonds for $ 1.2 million, spending fabulous sums on the maintenance of the 12 palaces, eating in restaurants with three Michelin stars and flies surrounded by a retinue of 300 people — in the material “”.

the Absurd waste

“more than five million of his subjects live on less than one dollar a day. And he annually receives from the public funds of about $ 40 million out of pocket expenses that are spent on their own pleasure. He loves when his favorite toy well repaired. So, king Mohammed VI has sent a cargo plane your Aston Martin manufacturer in Britain to the machine tune,” in 2012, the French journalists Katrina Gracie and Eric Laurent released the book “the King predator”, in which he spoke about addiction and the daily expenses of the king of Morocco. In the Kingdom of the publication criticized and banned the sale of publications.

In 1999 took place the inauguration of Mohammed where he was introduced to the population as “king for the poor” — for his promises to reform the economy. However, after the book of the monarch became known as “king Midas”.

His fortune is estimated at $ 2.5 billion. “He concentrated in his hands all the key sectors of the economy. He is the chief banker, insurer, exporter and manufacturer of agricultural products in the country”, — journalists, citing sources close to the Royal court.

The details of the life of the monarch, who disclosed the writers surprised many. So, it turned out that half a million dollars a year he spends on pet food, and twice as much is spent on the Queen’s wardrobe. For example, one day Muhammad bought one of the London boutiques cashmere coat for 55 thousand dollars.

The king’s 12 palaces. Despite the fact that he uses only four of them, all the rest of the decoration should always be ready for his sudden arrival. Regardless of the weather outside the window in rooms maintained the temperature at 17 degrees. The maintenance of such residences is about $ 1.5 million a day. According to The Telegraph, the contents of the monarch costs Moroccan taxpayers 353 million dollars a year — that is 18 times more than spending on the British Queen Elizabeth II.

a Butler and nine servants, in addition

Love the rosk��shek Mohammed VI is manifested in everything. “Almost every morning, he requires his assistants drove to the entrance of the Palace, a dozen luxury cars, so he can decide on what will go today. Ferrari, Aston Martin, Maybach — he has plenty to choose from”, — journalists wrote.

A favorite spot of king Mohammed and his entourage became the Royal Mansour. It was originally planned as a private Royal residence, but then this place decided to turn to the hotel. The territory in three and a half hectares is a 53-storey Villa. Each guest — usually friends of the monarch — have nine servants and a Butler. To create a rest the most comfortable conditions, staff does not appear to them. For this on-site has developed a system of underground tunnels.

Inside, luxurious interior, marble mosaic, handmade carpets, terraces with pools and sofas. In the yard — fountains and a retractable glass roof with touch control, which automatically retracts when the first rain drops.

Usually guests of the monarch and the king himself spend time at a variety of Spa procedures: visit the Hammam, a beauty salon, do massage. In the evening together with your friends Muhammad sent one from the on-site Royal Mansour restaurants. There are working chefs of the Parisian elite institutions who have received two or three Michelin stars.

the Watch a million

In January 2020, the 46-year-old cleaning woman who worked in one of the residences of the king in Marrakech, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for stealing a few dozen watches, each of which was worth at least 20 thousand dollars. The woman managed to sell king stuff. Watch buyers also admitted accomplices in the crime and sent to prison for four years.

However, it was not the most expensive watch of Muhammad. In September 2018, he was embedded in diamond-encrusted watches white gold Patek Philippe for $ 1.2 million.

How wrote the local media, before it was owned by billionaire bill Duker, who sold it to the Moroccan ruler for 88 million euros. Thus shortly before the purchase of a new vessel, the monarch has repaired his 62-foot yacht El Boughaz.

the Cinderella Story

Currently, the personal life of the monarch is shrouded in mystery. Before his marriage in March 2002, a 38-year-old king was known as a playboy who was only interested in loud parties and luxury cars. Wrote that the meeting with Lallou Salma, 24-year-old specialist in information technology has changed the monarch. Their marriage, which is the birth of a son and a daughter, lasted 16 years.

Moroccan Government / Getty Images

Before the wedding saying that their romance is like a fairy tale about Cinderella: a girl from an educated family, but not noble about��toe, married to the king. Becoming the wife of a monarch, by the way, she received the title of Queen — she was given the status of a Princess. Before the actual celebration Lalla took the future wife of the word: she must once and forever be his first and only wife.

Salma largely violated local traditions — husband allowed her to lead an active social life. Their first joint photo from the wedding ceremony immediately spread around the world. In this picture the white robe of the bride, decorated with Golden embroidery to complement the diamond earrings and tiara.

She went out in large earrings pendants with diamonds and emeralds, the bright blue tanzanite. Often the Princess wore the girdle, inlaid with jade or pearls, and decorated with gold.

What was the cause of separation of the spouses in 2018, is unknown. Surrounded by the monarch, who in childhood used to beat his father, king Hassan II complained about his whims and petulant, temper. A temper of Muhammad is still experiencing numerous assistants and secretaries.

King and his ex-wife has managed to preserve normal relations: Lalla Salma lives in Rabat and often comes in Royal residence, for meetings with children.

As for the French journalists, who published a book about the mafia connections of the king and his entourage, then in 2015 they were arrested for attempted blackmail of the monarch and extortion at it the large sums of money.

As written media in France, Eric Laurent and Catherine Gracie demanded of the king the sum of three million euros for non-disclosure of information discrediting Muhammad. Otherwise, they promised to publish in the new book “secrets” of the king: photographs and other facts about his personal life. The new book was supposed to come out in 2016.