As the head of Soviet intelligence dismissed

This was contrary to the firmly formed in the stubborn head of Stalin’s strategic plans and therefore annoying. For a recent appointee such reaction of Joseph Stalin could end up with loss of office, and maybe the head. But the Phytin took on a dangerous mission, reiterating: “the Source is reliable. Information is reliable”. Few people in the conversation with Stalin could do such a thing. Phytin decided.

From the Academy to the intelligence

it was Hard to imagine more distant from human intelligence than Paul Phytin from the village of Ozhogino is rarely heard Shatrovskiy parish, province of Tobolsk. The peasant’s son was born in 1907 went, naturally, to farmers. Graduated, thanks to Soviet power, Timiryazev Academy, peacefully worked in the “Selkhozgiz”.

And suddenly, in March 1938 was the NKVD. By that time, after Yezhov purges and other personnel of the people’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs shrank to the incredibly. Needed new people. Part of the former cohort was stained with the crimes against the innocent, the other lay in the ground, some served time in the 58-th article in the camps.

there came the hardest in the history of exploration, a period when devastated by repression of foreign residency in the hottest moment before the beginning of world war II on 1 September 1939 for nearly five months is not transferred to the information Centre. Now, looking ahead, what legacy got Phytin.

on 8 February 1945, Mikhail devyatayev escaped from concentration camps

Then was declared as the Komsomol-the party’s call. And already on October 10, 1938, ending the shortest course of study at the Central school of NKVD, Junior Lieutenant in the reserve Phytin started to work. It is impossible to imagine, but may 13, 1939, he headed the Foreign Department. At present speaking – SLugbu foreign intelligence. Some fantastic take off! Or maybe luck? Nothing of the sort. There was nobody to work. And the first role nominated these young guys, like Paul Phytin. He almost immediately gained the confidence of many peers, came to the authorities with him, and distrust of the few surviving and remaining in the ranks of the old KGB. Famous Pavel Sudoplatov, “put” Ukrainian nationalist Konovalets, unhappy shook his head. But just before the party meeting, at which it was proposed to exclude from the party. All the friends, old and new, instantly voted “for”.

– So, unanimously, no abstentions? – asked leading the meeting.

“Yes,” came a quiet voice. – On Sudoplatova heard a lot, but personally don’t know him, of misconduct, in which he is accused, to me it is difficult to judge.

And the legendary Paul A. remained in the Covenant ranks, shaking her head this time in wonder. This chick from and against Beria?

Great role…

that was the whole Phytin. Considered, never losing composure, with sincere respect relating to people and trying to understand everyone, even those who understand, and something was difficult. And INO NKVD understood: came real boss. Yes, he won in a year the KGB way from rookie to Manager of complex intelligence was hard instantly to understand. But he instinctively felt the intelligence, I saw her secret springs and quickly learned to use them.

In the year of second Lieutenant of reserve, Phytin became head of the foreign intelligence

what exactly are the merits of Phytin? New young staff without delay and with full confidence already by 1941, after seemed irreplaceable, destructive collapse, began working in 40 foreign residencies. This is thanks to Pavel Mikhailovich was created analytical Department, obomsawin all the information and stands out from the mass and the heap overriding. His scouts, as it turned out recently reported dragotsennyie information that helped win the battle of Stalingrad and battle of Kursk. Agents of Phytin was everywhere. They tore separate negotiations with the Nazis by the allies. Peak achievements of the foreign intelligence came during the war years, the leadership of Phytin. And the most significant achievement was the successful work on the production of atomic secrets.

he was afraid of Beria and Khrushchev

Why, then, after the war, in June 1946, the Phytin was released from the post of chief of intelligence? I personally do not understand. Relatively low post in Germany, then Sverdlovsk, Kazakhstan. In 1953, he occupied the post of head of the interior Ministry in the Sverdlovsk region. But in July 1953, Pavel Mikhailovich was released from this position, and then took over the investigation. And well, that in April it “only” dismissed from bodies “on office discrepancy”. Left, right, rank of Lieutenant-General but the pension was refused. And for a time a famed scout remained unemployed. Why?

Photo: a Press-Bureau SVR

On this question I answered the security officer who knew of Phytin, a member of the Council of veterans of Federal security service of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Dementiev, who have reached the current Yekaterinburg. His brother served with Putinym in Sverdlovsk, was friends with him and after his disgrace. What was the Phytin? Available, teachable, able to listen and hear. He and boss, and friend. Fought in this vein, allowing to understand others, to feel the pain of others.

Beria, baruchel of Phytin from Moscow to hell in 1946, of course. Did not trust, did not recognize “their”. Khrushchev did more ruthless. Could not comprehend Nikita, that is not all as he should be in some groups to be at someone “friends” against someone. Thought of Pavel Mikhailovich man Beria. And was carried out for Phytin a result, it was interrogation, he gave a written testimony.

Thank God that still so off. Then moved to Moscow, where I worked, not yet settled on the head of photocomment of the Union of Soviet societies for friendship with foreign countries. How much for Lieutenant General and war hero. But the Phytin and are here to organize the work. Even back in the 1950s – 1960s produced a colored photo albums. Sometimes sharing scarce at that time a film with friends. Until the end and worked on this position until fade-out in 1971.

Not very well developed and in their personal lives: divorce, separation… In Sverdlovsk, close to the famous skater Rimma Zhukova. But when disaster struck, Rimma Mikhailovna at once departed. Divorce was not necessary. Marriage – civil. She, the champion and multiple world record holder, what is fear? Like what? Living with the enemy of the people. At that time, for that it was possible to ring out.

Remembered and acknowledged

It is now in honor of Phytin refer to streets and mountain peaks. In February the decree of the Moscow government travel with the poetic name N 5063 turned into a “Street of Paul of Phytin”. A peak on the ridge Sodor in the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania of the nameless became the mount of Paul of Phytin. On the street Ostozhenka in a small mansion a monument was erected to the chief of the foreign intelligence service of the war years. Maybe by accident, looking straight at him with bas-relief mounted on the wall, another great scout with a very difficult fate – Kim Philby. They went to investigate together.