At a temperature of minus 20 degrees COVID-19 can live up to 20 years. As reported by a member of the special expert Commission of the state Committee on questions of health of China, infectious disease Whether of LANGSUAN no accident that the coronavirus was several times discovered it in the markets, where many chilled products.

“the Virus COVID-19 — special, he is not afraid of the cold, at a temperature of minus four degrees Celsius it can survive for several months, and at a temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius to 20 years”, — said the infectious disease doctor, her words leads RIA “Novosti”.

Whether LANGSUAN suggested that the world will have to accept the fact that the virus will be a “survivor” and will “travel” on the food. She noted that the customs should strengthen a comprehensive review of the frozen products and at the same time to track the source of imported goods, samples which showed a positive result for coronavirus.

A new outbreak of coronavirus in China happened in Beijing in the market of agricultural products “of Sinhali” in the district of Fengtai. Power June 13, closed the market. It turned out that the virus was in the pavilion, which sold seafood. Program Director of the world health organization (who) for emergency situations Michael Ryan suggested that the coronavirus was brought to Beijing from Europe.