As the coronavirus poses a tripping tourists

the Situation in the Philippines, typical of the region. Foreign visitors in many Asian countries, perhaps with the exception of Thailand, left to their fate. They have to communicate with local hotels, which in most cases do not want to return the money for the already paid room, to solve the issue with the tickets because the airline massively cancel the scheduled flight, citing extraordinary circumstances. While air carriers are in no hurry to return the money for unused tickets. How this works in practice can be judged by the largest Malaysian airline AirAsia. There travelers are automatically sent out emails offering to give money or to rebook for a later date.

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov/TASS Rospotrebnadzor recalled the major myths about COVID-19

But we should try to arrange on the return ticket, as you can listen to the answer, the meaning of which is as follows: sorry but we can’t help you. Countries that spend in “fat” times millions of dollars to build the reputation of “tourist Paradise”, their current actions negate earlier efforts and become States, deceived their foreign guests. After all, no government, closed borders, announced that it compensates for tourists costs incurred at least for hotel reservations.

All overlaps occur suddenly. Yesterday was all absolutely still, and then a message appears that from 0: 00 Vietnam temporarily suspends visa-free entry into the country. And no explanation what to do for those tourists who have already departed, or those who payl tickets and hotels. No one disputes the right of any state to impose a state of emergency. However, any traveler, in turn, have the right to make a conclusion about the level of civility in the implementation of this decision. When leaving the authorities to quarantine the country indifferent to the situation in which they will be foreign guests, it will be difficult in the future, when an epidemic of coronavirus is complete, rely on the recovery of the tourist flow and reputation.

Foreign visitors in many countries leave in the lurch

The same applies to airlines. List of airlines that have stopped flights due to the outbreak of coronavirus, is impressive. It includes and Air France, and Austrian Airlines, and British Airways, and Delta Air Lines. According to Sunday, I counted 25 airlines, including the largest, significantly reduced or completely abolished the flights until the end of March. How they behave in relation to buy at this time, the tickets of passengers, and will be a key indicator to their reputation.