As the coronavirus has transformed the London weekdays

There are, however, good news is that private hospitals transferred to the NHS (national health service), which dramatically increases the availability of beds and ventilation devices that are necessary for patients with coronavirus in critical condition.

Photo: REUTERS How life has changed in London for coronavirus

Risk for the first time in a few weeks to go shopping. The closest one to my house supermarket Waitrose. I go to the store and barely recognize it: half-empty shelves look sad – no bread, pasta, canned food, cereals, vegetable oils. Disappeared sanitizer, liquid soap for hands, of essential drugs of type of paracetamol. The government assures that the warehouses are full of products and goods – so there is that to believe in conspiracy theories or the arrogant behaviour of irresponsible citizens. Some supermarkets now let visitors “portions”: the bulk at the front door.

I happily welcomed the familiar old cashier, who was released at the break: “we Have here, as you can see, things have changed. People have become some irritable, hostile with them and talk as I used to. Perhaps now is the time…”.

After the store allowed himself to go to the Barber, whom I have known for nearly twenty years. “What’s going on, Olga? What’s the panic all around? – he meets me with a question, apparently believing that as a journalist, I am aware of much better than the other. – The feeling that all fixated on this epidemic, and all they are interested in. Around us everything is closed. I’m not sure that this hairdresser does not fall under the hot hand. In France, however, also does not help. Need to relax, life goes on!”.

McDonald’s will close all of its institutions in the UK and Ireland

back Home, on foot, in public transport to get hesitant: between passers-by, as is customary now, trying to keep my distance. Cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, fitness centers, starting with last Saturday, are closed – such is the decree of the government. The streets were silent, was sparsely populated and boring. People have nowhere to gather as before in the evenings. And in General, London is not the same – the inherent bright cascade slowly but surely fade.

I Go to a small shop, called in Britain “the corner shop” – this means the corner store to buy greeting cards. His owner named Omar I have known for many years. At the counter of Omar stands the lady. The conversation goes like this : “London is already fully closed, a week later, we will see on the streets only army with guns!” – a low voice, according to the customer. The seller is horrified whispering: “Save me, Allah.” I ask the ubiquitous lady: “Where’d you get that?”. She makes the round eyes: “Yes, everyone already know about it!”.

the Positive thing though is that the British finally put a protective mask after all began to come to the understanding that the case takes a serious turn. Statistics of disease and mortality in Britain from the coronavirus impressive. On the morning of Sunday afternoon in the cases of coronavirus are already 5 thousand died – 233.

Photo: EPA-EFE/CESARE ABBATE Italy mentioned another reason for the high mortality rate from coronavirus

Insuradas from your hike, I go to my friend Amanda, who runs the Agency for the sale and rental of real estate. The London property market is experiencing tough times. The epidemic has suspended the sale of housing has dropped dramatically and renting. With tenants, of which there are tens of millions, today there are special problems. The government insists that all went to the quarantine. Then how to pay your roof over your head?

Amanda refers to the income loss philosophically: “the Money is not important in life.” “What’s important?” – I ask her. “Don’t panic,’ she says. – To stay calm – panic is not conducive to success. There are periods in life. Then, according to the law of compensation, everything will return to normal”.