As the coronavirus has changed the habits of Koreans

until about a week ago in South Korea was hope that the coronavirus COVID-19 will remain an exclusively “Chinese” in allowing the land of morning calm to get rid of slight shock. 18 February in the country were only 31 cases, death of infected never happened and began to appear those who have overcome the virus and recovered. However, on February 19, followed by a sharp flash which brought the number of patients, according on the afternoon of February 24 to 833. Stated in total and seven of the deceased for which COVID-19 was maybe not the main but one of the causes of death.

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As reported on Monday during morning and evening briefings by representatives of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Korea, during the day, the number of cases has increased by 231 people.

If this continues to demonstrate the pattern that became apparent with February 19: the main focus of distribution is South-East of the country, and it is the fourth largest city in South Korea Daegu, where 2.4 million of the population, and the surrounding metropolis of the province of North Gyeongsang province. 833 of infected on the region Daegu-North Gyeongsang province accounted for 681 sore or more than 80 percent of all infections.

If you want you can call and a more precise focus of infection COVID-19 in Korea: it was based in Daegu sect of Sinchonri in the parish which began the spread of the virus, which greatly contributed to the peculiarities of the prayers, when the congregation are kneeling on the floor next to each other and keep the shoulders of the neighbors.

Experts first pointed out the 61-year-old woman from numbut parishioners as possible on the main “parasitaemic” in the Church, but now officials have come to recognize that only she could hardly arrange such a flash. Most likely among the believers already had a considerable number of infected but the disease had only about to begin among the parishioners of Sinchonri.

the Problem is that at the moment, doctors still can not understand the origin of the contamination and how much would you expect them infected. Diagnosis lab functioning at full capacity, and the medical staff is not enough. In addition, more and more infections among doctors and medsester, which these days is work wear.

There is another problem: despite all efforts the virus COVID-19 continues to spread across the country from Daegu, which is the concentration of patients have already received the unofficial nickname of “Korean in China”. The reason lies in the Church-sect of Sinchonri, which has 12 offices in South Korea and more than 200 thousand believers, and in the inevitable dynamic and developed the country’s active population. Currently in all the major cities of Korea recorded cases.

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the Government eventually declared the highest level of threat from the spread of infection, and Daegu and the province of North Gyeongsang province declared “zones of special measures”.

At the moment, the main task of the authorities and physicians is to hold COVID-19 mainly in the framework of already defined hearth in the South-East and to prevent a full-fledged distribution across the country. By the evening of ponedelnick became clear that the number of new infections after a dramatic jump in the period 19-21 February ceased to increase significantly every day, stabilized at approximately 200-250 people daily. Extremely important, according to experts, are the next ten days. They will see whether to hold the infection or it will break, starting to update the records.

Many experts are predicting the possibility of a new “wave”, which can bring into the country studying in Korean universities students from China. There are more than 70 thousand, and despite the appeals of doctors and a number of universities, the South Korean authorities did not ban them, asking universities to provide measures for separation of Chinese citizens from the rest of the students. In universities is criticized, but obeyed, continuing to hope for the best.

Koreans also last week began to adjust to the new lifestyle. Panic in the country, but it is clear that a certain influence COVID-19 has had on the overall situation. Everywhere cancel mass events, including concerts, conferences, rallies. Authorities imposed a ban on demonstrations, asking to wait until the expression of political preferences to a better time. Dramatically increased the demand for masks, personal hygiene products. Everywhere you can see the calls to wash hands thoroughly, use a mask and cover your mouth when sneezing.

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Marketers have already capture changes in customer behavior. For fear of infection, the Koreans began EN masse to order food and other goods exclusively on the Internet, avoiding a visit to the cuupnik shopping centers. Local residents that, in General, not object to miss one another, they began to carry the feast home from the bars, causing the demand for purchased in small local stores and shops Korean vodka “soju” has increased by more than 29 percent and on beer by almost 24 percent.

at Times you can hear about the closure of certain stores, shopping malls, hotels. In the first place it occurs, if there is detected a case of finding infected COVID-19. The building is then thoroughly disinfected.

the Virus got to the politicians. Monday was urgently closed the whole complex of the Parliament in Seoul, and all meetings of the deputies cancelled. It turned out that a few days earlier in Parliament was the conference, which was attended by infected COVID-19. Now many prominent politicians are anxiously waiting for the results of their analyses, and the Parliament will not work until at least February 26. If the infection is confirmed and the deputies, we can not rule out the introduction of a rigid quarantine against all deputies, long-term isolation of the complex of the Parliament, and eventually transfer to the national elections scheduled for April 15.

However, as recognized by many officials and experts, yet not all understood the necessity of compliance with the new rules. Despite requests and admonitions, some NGOs say they will continue holding rallies and demonstrations, believing that COVID-19 – only a pretext for restricting their rights and freedoms. Enough of those who ignore the recommendations to wash their hands often and wear a mask. Enough of those who believe that COVID-19 “to me just can not happen”, take time to inform experts even if there are signs of infection, believing that they have something “just a common cold”. Perhaps because of this, the virus continues to spread in Korea.

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the country has become unconditional second “leader” in the world in the number of infected people, second only to China. On the other hand, it is recognized that while an epidemic of not talking, and the situation is teetering on the brink between the new leap in the number of cases and “rollback” of infection, when you can talk about the recession waves COVID-19.

In any case, over the past week in South Korea, the situation has changed markedly. This has led several countries to introduce preventive measures. Currently, 15 countries have imposed certain restrictive measures in respect of those who come from South Korea. This applies, as a rule, as the citizens of Korea and foreigners who transit through the Country of morning freshness. Measures range from a complete ban on the entry of passengers from Korea to different kinds of measures for quarantine or observation by doctors. Koreans of course this offends, but most of them are sympathetic to such practice.