As the coronavirus has affected the cultural life of Vienna

Nothing happened. On the eve of the government of Austria has issued a decree on the first stage of disease control measures aimed to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus and banning the activities of more than 100 people. As a result, theaters, and concert halls, and museums were closed. Antiepidemical measures have been strengthened after a few days: closed educational institutions, churches, restaurants, cinemas and all the shops except the grocery and pharmacy, and the maximum number of employees of institutions and firms translated to work from home or a short day. The movement of people was strictly limited. Began the inevitable dismissal. And Friday, all these measures were extended until at least April 13 – Monday after Easter. This means that immutable it seemed that the tradition of the Viennese Opera to put in the Easter period “Parsifal” by Richard Wagner will not be fulfilled this year.

the Cultural life of Vienna – the city that is proud of its informal title of “musical capital of Europe”, the city which is usually from from around the world flock to the millions of tourists, including on the “blockbuster” art exhibitions in the city, which, with a population of 1.8 million every night, bought and sold about 10 thousand tickets for the performance only of classical music – suddenly froze. At least for a month or more.

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the Situation is absolutely unprecedented, if not to speak about the devastating epidemics of the plague, the victory over which is reminiscent of all the famous Viennese monuments – the Plague column and the majestic ToKarlskirche. But that was over 300 years ago. And in the memory of living generations, nothing like this was ever even in the war years and the postwar hardships of the Vienna concert-theatre life did not stop.

In these circumstances cultural institutions of Austria, impresarios and artists are suffering gigantic losses and do what you can to stay in action and support your audience, is experiencing not the best times. And Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, announcing already the first package of state aid to companies in the 4 billion Euro (since the promised package has grown to 38 billion), have identified culture along with tourism and restaurant business as the most affected and deprived sectors of the economy of Austria.

“Three sisters” went home

the next day after the first cancelled show of the Vienna state Opera announced the transfer of their broadcasts from paid to free mode, insert the number and other world-class cultural institutions, thus expanding the scope of their virtual versions, regardless of loss of income. Those operas had to go these days in the theater, students around the world are now free to see and hear the recordings of previous performances, registering on the website.

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So, Three sisters wish I saw and heard on March 17 in the recording one of the performances of the series premiere of 2016. The premiere was a great event in musical life of Vienna and unusually striking manifestation of how Russian culture is inseparable interwoven in our day in the culture of European and world. The Hungarian Eötvös composer, student of classics of the XX century by zoltán kodály, who collaborated with such luminaries of modern music as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Boulez, written in 1996-1998 ultra-modern atonal Opera in the Russian language, preparerow for her Chekhov’s play so that part of the Opera is dedicated tos, respectively, Irina, Andrei and Maria. Moreover, in the original version of the party sisters sang counter-tenor. Now the outgoing Director of the Vienna Opera, Frenchman Dominique Meyer (he has yet to resume after closing activities of the Milan theatre La Scala), then persuaded the composer to make a new version, specifically to ensure that in the formulation may Shine girls – soloist of the Vienna Opera. Roles of sisters in the premiere series was played Aida Garifullina (Irina), Margarita Gritskova (Masha) and Elzear Hayrullova (Olga). And the American Director of Israeli origin Yuval Sharon has created a statement so imbued with the spirit of Chekhov that the house Prozorovich literally came to life on the stage of the Vienna Opera.

“I love Russian language, – said the composer – For Opera singing Russian and Italian is the best language!” Although this Opera was in various theatres and in German and in Hungarian, the University is confident that it should be performed only in Russian, because “this Opera was written for the Russian language.” And Dominique Meyer said after the premiere: “I’m proud of my Russians!”

Photo: Ivan Andreev/press service of the bonds of the Republic of Tatarstan state orchestra of Tatarstan was presented in Moscow “the Flying Dutchman”

a failed series 2020 Irina had to play a talented soprano from Moldova Valentina Nafornita. In the rest of the party had to perform the same artists three years ago, including the famous American countertenor Eric Jurenas and the composer himself as conductor. But they had, after all the rehearsals, go home. Gritskova, who left Vienna for the duration of the quarantine for the city, said “RG” pity, of course, that the play did not take place. But believes that the quarantine "a great time for self-development to read, listen, watch and learn new.”

the Young tenor from China, a soloist of the Vienna Opera Stinson SAHO (Jinxu Xiahou), which was also supposed to participate in “Three sisters”, became famous in the last days of the quarantine others with his performance. When the crowns decided to support their neighbors in Italy, having a similar share of Italian singing from the balconies SAHO sang from the window of his home a popular Italian song Volare. In response, several neighbors have applauded, but one woman cried on the Viennese dialect: “Quiet! Do not go!”. On video were widely distributed on social networks and gave rise to numerous commentaries.

“of Course, now hard, but you have to think in a positive way. Sooner or later it will pass,” says SAHO in a telephone interview “RG”. Like almost all the artists today, because of the epidemic, he has lost several contracts: canceled “La Boheme” in Mannheim, where he was to sing the role of Robert, two concerts at the Elbe Philharmonic hall in Hamburg and the concert with the Orchestra of the French radio in Paris. Obrazovavsheesya free time Sachou trying to use for practicing at home. However, lacking an accompanist, and density of musicians per square meter is big enough. “My girlfriend is a violinist in the orchestra of the Austrian radio, the RSO. So some time she deals with one, some – one I, and sometimes we accompany each other on an electronic piano,” says the singer. Recalling his speech from the window, Sensui laughs: “I was surprised at how many listeners I was on our quiet street”. And ends the interview is in Russian, the phrase from the failed party in “Three sisters” University: “Thank you for everything!”.

Living in Vienna, a famous Russian mezzo-soprano Elena Maximova fears that under existing conditions, the theaters can just go on vacation until September, and it will be ffinansovoi a disaster for artists, only a small part of which are in the solid salary. “I am just now concerned about the state of musicians who have not had a lot of work, and with the abolition of the six months this means that they will be bankrupt. Want to help but don’t know how. The feeling that the war began. During the war, the musicians were always at the forefront. But the question is – where is best? Somewhere where I can feel their necessity?”, – said “RG” Maximov. Meantime she began to prepare a new party, Sarah from the Opera by Donizetti “Roberto Devereux”. The premiere is scheduled for June and it is hoped that it will be held.

Photo: EPA-EFE/CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON At the time of the pandemic coronavirus masterpieces of the world’s culture accessible online”Fidelio” on the screen

Latest Opera was premiered in Vienna on Friday on TV. In the year of the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven new production of his only Opera “Fidelio” in the second edition, prepared a magnificent composition, with the Vienna Symphony orchestra in the pit, under the baton of Manfred Honey and directing the Oscar-winning Christoph Waltz on the stage of the Theater an der Wien, where in 1806 premiere of this piece and where in the theater of Beethoven at that time lived, was to become one of the Central events. All tickets for the performances were sold out. And now, after a government decision to close, partially breaking the law (full cast of performers, including choir and orchestra, is clearly more than 100 people), the theater performed last week on the TV footage ready of the play at the empty hall. On Friday, almost at the same time the video became available to viewers in the Austrian public TV channel ORF2, platform and When the performance ended at a high inspirational note, as it is in Beethoven’s Opera, in the place where they were supposed to be the applause and bows, there was silence. The actors stood silently on the stage, and then, they started applauding.

the Performance was a success – despite the complexity of Beethoven’s music and heavy dramatic material “Fidelio”. Musically collected, concentrated, scenically spectacular with endless flights of Mobius strip, giving the opportunity to artists and chorus freely and graphically navigate around the scene space. And, all the while watching not feeling: what a shame you’re not there, not in the theater at this point.

And yet “Fidelio”, in relation to other, luck. Following performances at the Theater an der Wien – “the Fiery angel” by Prokofiev, which was supposed to go in April, and “Norma” by Bellini with the famous German soprano marlis Petersen in may, just cancelled. Unlike the repertoire of the Vienna state Opera, theater an der Wien (the Theatre on the Vienna river) is another organism. In normal times here every month is a new Opera, which attracts a specially selected composition, and the plays usually represent a cross-section of the modern operatic stage direction. They are only six times. Here goes not so many tourists, but for professionals and connoisseurs this is the place where modern Opera.

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Accompanist and tutor Aleksadr Golubitskaya, who worked on “the Fiery angel”, said that before the end of last week, the musicians gathered for rehearsal, hoping that the play could take place. “There is a feeling of incompleteness. As the unborn child,” with GrusTEW says. About the future plans of the theatre is still unknown, but Russia hopes that failed performances, a full cycle of training which takes two years, can be resumed in the future – yet they invested a lot of manpower and resources. “We hope,” she says. And while the artists, which, unlike the public, was open concept of the show, share in social networks photos of the costumes and other details of unborn musical-theatrical works.

In General, the virtual space began at the time of quarantine, the main arena of social life. The main trend of virtualization, which began long ago, and elsewhere, increased dramatically when the need for social isolation suspended offline forms of communication. Directors today discussed the holding of virtual performances. Online stores are overloaded with orders. Trapped within the four walls of the singer in social networks post videos of her singing unaccompanied. Well-known violinist Yury Revich began in Facebook and Instagram “homemade virtual concerts” in which he plays the requests of his friends. “I felt that no one in the room that I share something with the world, and the world shares his emotions with me,” said Revich “RG”. In addition, he has been developing a special platform that would allow artists to earn a living in a difficult time – after the cancellation of all concerts and performances in the coming months means that many of the performers literally will have nothing to eat.

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Today, teachers are learning to teach, and students, pupils and their parents learn how to learn using various online technologies. Doctors electronically send prescriptions to their patients. Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Vienna, now closed for the laity, like all the churches in Austria, posted on Youtube, the first virtual shared Lenten confession. Closed to the public the Russian center of science and culturess in Vienna began to publish in social networks music reviews. And medicolegally Higher school of Economics in Moscow organized international virtual scientific conference for understanding this new media reality.

Meanwhile, in the Central streets and squares of Vienna are unusually quiet and deserted. Traditionally printed on gold paper posters of concerts in the Musikverein sealed white stripes Cancelled. The exhibition “Moved by Beethoven” at the Museum of art history, which should be shown inspired by the great composer of paintings and sculptures from Turner, Goya and Rodin to video art Guido van der Shipyard and coceptualize of art Baldessari, it just will not open as planned on March 25. For high-tech glass door freshly painted building of the new Museum of Modern Albertina is a sign that the Museum is “closed until further orders.” And only the bells are testifying to the world that in closed churches priests perform worship. And singers sometimes open the window to sing to their neighbors.