As the coronavirus changed the lives of Londoners

Traditionally at this fair deals are made on publishing the most in-demand bestsellers. Scheduled for March 10, Reed Exhibitions, even if it is not abolished, most likely, would become a “city of ghosts”, as publishers began EN masse to refuse to participate. From the list of expected guests already struck such eminent publishers as “Penguin Random House”, “HarperCollins” and “Hachette”. Fled from the presence of one of the most prestigious events in knigotorgovoe and “Amazon”.

Photo: Premiere of the new “James bond” was postponed due to coronavirus

“Penguin Random House” explained its refusal from the participation in the fair that is done for the health and well-being of its employees, authors and partners. Publishing house of the “Reed” had originally planned to do without any casualties, giving advice to the organizers of the London fairs to avoid shaking hands and to keep a meter distance from the source. However, planned in the British capital the fair this trick is not saved.

In neighboring Ireland also are imposed by the coronavirus rebuild on the March. In the headquarters of Google in Dublin thousands of employees followed the order to go to work at home. Glass complex starting Tuesday noticeably empty, after the user has ordered that eight thousand of its employees have switched to remote mode. All because on Monday, the employee felt flu-like symptoms. And though it in no way resembled the coronavirus, the staff was asked to work remotely. Thus, Google has tested the possibility of functioning outside the walls of headquarters. When employees return to the office, is still unknown. Google however, as observers note, is preparing for a possible rapid spread of the virus.

Photo: AP Photo/Tatan Syuflana In Indonesia infected with coronavirus isolated on a desert island

as for Twitter, then he instructed me to work from home five thousand of its employees. “Starting today, we strongly encourage all of our employees around the world to perform their functions from home, if possible. Our task is to reduce the likelihood of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 both for us and for the world around us”. Twitter, stationed in San Francisco and the hiring of employees in all countries and continents, said he will go to practice remote work, but will keep its offices open for those who prefer by choice or by the need to come to the workplace. Exceptions will be only in Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, where work from home is imperative. The employees and management of companies to adapt to new methods, relying on the “cloud base” and other technologies.

meanwhile, the world Health Organization (who) has warned that the world has entered uncharted territory given the fact that the new infection fell to China, but soon spread around the world.