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This story could not be, if this email, sent from an unfamiliar address, got lost in my crowded email box or hit the spam. But I read it. “Good afternoon. We want through the newspaper to congratulate you on the anniversary of his father, grandfather, great-grandfather of Jacob Y. Davidenko. On 17 March he was 90 years old, he lives in a far village Avtonomova. A veteran of labor, home front workers, has many awards, including the order of Labor red banner. Many years writes “the Amur truth”. How to do it and how much it will cost?” Then write the answer: money is not necessary – send greetings print! And after 15 minutes arrives this touching family congratulation that the tears run stream. Was the Soviet Newspapers with the heading – “the Letter called on the road”. In Autonomouse called the lines full of love family to the loved one.

Surprise from “Amurka”

Our visit to Yakov Yakovlevich was a surprise – the only person who knew his four children, 15 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. “The road to the village of the dead, a lot of snow, getting bad,” warned on the eve of the daughter of the veteran Marina Davidenko, which sent the request message. The road from Blagoveshchensk to Avtonomova took almost three hours. The last 30 minutes outside the car – a succession of ruined villages with old houses and rare passers-by.

Photo by: Andrey Ilinskiy

In Avtonomova where once there were vibrant rural life, there was one street – Central. That in several houses still a glimmer of life, talking fresh pile at the gate and the smoke from the chimneys. The house of the birthday boy found without any problems – at balloons on the gate, in the yard and on small wooden hut.

Dad, you have guests from Blagoveshchensk! From “the Amur truth” – happily introduced us to a lot of relatives.

Yakov Yakovlevich excited, but, accepting congratulations, flowers and gifts, hold the tears back.

– I “Amur truth” 61 prescribe, since I started to live independently from parents, confessed our reader-survivor.

Photo by: Andrey Ilinskiy”life in Avtonomova”

While in the small winter kitchen daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughter and great-granddaughter on the stove fry the cutlets, cook the potatoes and lay a festive table, Yakov Yakovlevich modestly says about himself.

I was born in Avtonomova. Father in 30 years came from Ukraine with his parents. At first they lived in Seryshevo, then in another village, and in 1928 arrived. Here taiga was. The settlers have prepared the forest, built a house, – says the hero of the day. I had six brothers and one sister. I left elder brother, he is now 95. It is in the West of the country lives, sometimes calls, talks about life.

Sam Jacob Davydenko entire life in his native Avtonomova. After finishing four classes of the local school parents sent to study in Belogorsk. “But I do in a week, or a fortnight ill. I left home, never came back,” he says.

In the military in 1942, 12-year-old boy, went to work in a farm: the shepherd, the trailer on the tractor. Remember, like horses, drove frontovichka firewood, hay for the farm. “Back then, technology was not,” explains veteran of the home front.

Hello! in comes the little man with the threshold goes to the birthday.

– POPs, POPs, congratulations! a long time he hugs his father.

– a son, Pasha, after arms explains the celebrant.

the Order for work

Yakov Yakovlevich spent his life in farm fields, “Verninsky”: first a tractor, then a combiner.

– I at six in the morning was gone, and the night had taken. Sow soybeans, wheat, oats, rye. Soy for a change of 120 hectares was planted, recalls the legendary Amur combiner.

– will Come in the night all black, only the eyes glow and the teeth are white – all in dust – smiling daughter, Marina. – He always worked, the family is not seen.

When I was little, dad came very late from work. I always waited for him. Mom made us sleep, and I sat and waited, not said and crying daughter Tamara Stepin. And remember, dad came in the 12th or in the first hour, seated on his knee, hugged me and kissed. And I quietly went to bed.

Photo: Andrey Ilinskiy

camouflage windbreaker Yakov Davydenko seven awards and medals. The main order of the red banner of Labor.

– I awarded him in 1972. For what? For work, – says Yakov Yakovlevich. – I am in my life at the combine a lot of grain threshed, a lot.

– And you know that “the Amur truth” the same order? – asked the hero.

I know, I Know – he smiles.

Big happy family

Yakov Yakovlevich lives alone – his wife Nina who have been together all their lives and raised six children, died in 2012. Dead and two sons: one, a geologist, died young on the Goldfields, the second went a few years ago after a serious illness.

– we had a big family, but poorly we lived. Always kept the farm: cows, pigs, rams, sheep, geese, chickens, – list children. The garden was huge – 34 acres, and the same on the field. Digging up potatoes in August, and gave all the children wore to school. Daddy was an avid hunter. In the output sit down to dinner with the whole family, he takes pheasant, hands cut up and each piece of meat.

old Age homes are not found

the feats of Labor and the title of drummer labor were not in vain. State of health rural the order bearer had to leave the combine at a local shop: in recent years, Yakov Davydenko worked in the village and a carpenter, a blacksmith, and a mechanic. “He has Golden hands,” say the children. In 1991, the veteran of work has gone into retirement, but to relax and not learned. On the couch is not sitting even in her 90s. From spring to autumn garden, forest, mushrooms, berries. For garden – apiary, hive veteran of work he did. AtRoy taiga honey so much that we have to distribute to neighbors and acquaintances.

Photo by: Andrey Ilinskiy

as we speak, a small kitchen filled with new people: memorize the names of all the already not – too a large family of Yakov Yakovlevich. And loving.

the Village is dying, as the school was closed, so people began to leave. I took it in Belogorsk, has stood for exactly a month. Missed much, so he went back, says daughter Marina. Here all native, he was accustomed on earth to live. Doesn’t do nothing, constantly doing something. Our younger brother lives across the house helps. And we come, look out supported.

my Whole life was spent in Avtonomova, not going anywhere – confidently adds Yakov Yakovlevich.

After intimate conversations and memories to accompany us out the whole family.

– And nothing you have to leave so soon, we have now the program will start. We brought costumes, quiz will – laugh daughters. – Too bad seat in the house a little, but nothing – it’s warm today, dance out into the street.

– you didn’t expect, thank you that came, thank you – several times good-bye said the celebrant.

Photo by: Andrey Ilinskiy

Yakov Yakovlevich, thank you! For what 90 years of living decently and honestly. For something that brought a small country and its big family. Without which it were not for this history and of our meeting. Good health to you!

Epilogue Four years in anticipation of home repairs

a Veteran of labor is very worried about his village, but his life is not complaining. And that the past four years, huddled in winter the kitchen is not complaining. In 2016, the house that he built with his own hands, went under water during a flood. “It was August 13, 2016 – remember the date 90-year-old Yakov Yakovlevich. – From the lakes the water came in PADI. The sea round about it!” The local government came and promised to help, but the house is without repair.

Photo by: Andrey Ilinskiy

Today is the floor in the house beams and huge pit. And the blurry water on the walls hang lonely old icons and photographs of his youth with his beloved Nina. Children repaired, whitewashed and warm winter kitchen, where stood the water. There lives a decorated. Family their own start and home repair, but the strength is not enough.

“Dad says, probably cannot wait to get – say daughter. And we comfort: “Dad, let’s do it!”

of Course we would. Promise.

P. S. the day after the arrival of “the Amur truth” to Jacob Davydenko were the representatives of the district administration and made measurements for laying a new floor in the affected house. We will monitor the situation and will definitely visit Yakov Yakovlevich after the housewarming party.

Prepared by Elena Pavlova

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