As the airlines solve the problem of coronavirus

So, Emirates Airlines started to test all passengers on the coronavirus before they get on Board, writes A blood test is carried out in just 10 minutes. The first such check has been the passengers for the flight Dubai-Tunis, which was implemented a few days ago. The experiment was considered successful, and now this practice will be extended to all flights.

In the US, the airline refused to use the seats in the middle row, so that passengers comply with social distance, and ceased to put people in the first rows, so the pilots were as far away from them. In the end, the interior is filled in the best case 50 per cent.

to Observe social distance will also be the British easyJet passengers, the entire Park which is currently on earth. The company intends after the crisis will be resolved and flights will resume to temporarily abandon the use of chairs in the middle row. “We do this because passengers will like it,” said Chairman and CEO Johan Lundgren.

But in Ryanair consider such a measure unnecessary. According to the head of the company Michael O’leary, it is simply impossible from an economic point of view. “People arrive at the airport on the trains, where no one observes social distance” – he said. In this regard, in his opinion, it is better to enter the required temperature control and the wearing of masks by passengers and all crew members.