As teachers build lesson

Irina mursak, lecturer at Moscow state pedagogical University and a member of the jury of the Pushkin competition for foreign experts continues to lead his diary, “Russian literature is not afraid of the coronavirus”.

“the Universities were closed, but opened the entire world.

Photo: iStock the fourth Day. Literature on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Yes, as written, the main character of Gogol’s “Notes of a madman”, “Martopia 86 number. Between day and night.” Colleagues, everything was erased: borders, pages, person, computer screen and phone. To work in this mode is incredibly difficult, but possible, because of quarantine in the formation of a unique situation: individualization can come out on top. And went out. Students who went to school half the time, suddenly began to perform creative tasks, for example, based on the novel “Anna Karenina”. Katya Petukhova wrote a paper in which he proved the admission of the “energy of delusion” (the image of Tolstoy, and V. Shklovsky’s term) the material of cigarette smoke and tobacco in the novel. But as I read the story “Father Sergius”! all! Argued and reasoned deeply, confirming the logic of his thoughts by the text. Because the basis of this principle is their personal initiative, self-organization, everything that is associated with the formation of a personal sense of its usefulness, finally.

Modern pedagogy is now forced to escape from the vicious principle of “Teacher knows best what to do”, because all the resources are open. Students can listen to lectures of professors of the University HSE, Moscow state University and to compare what we say in their online lectures, and other scientists. And it’s very good.

Photo: iStock the third Day. Read Bakhtin and look BogomolaVA

Our colleague at the Pushkin competition Andrew Hawks urgently recorded several important lectures in the course “Foreign literature”, and they are available on YouTube. I recommend that the students of these lectures, because I’m sure: the more perspectives they learn, the more you will know.

My students are also looking at our records, for example, on Friday we have Chekhov the writer, and to work we need stories “Joke” and “Left”. What task was given to the students? To compare two versions of the story “Joke” (newspaper and prepared for the Chekhov storybook), they are in PPP Chekhov. You can watch my YouTube tutorial.

And for drama students the task: to explain the characters in the story “Gone” and read it by role.

So don’t lose heart, work, enjoy Russian classics”.