the Media is full of stories about norwegians who are unable to leave to train. At the same time there are also many who now get an even more passive everyday life in quarantine.

In 2016 led professor Ulf Ekelund an international study that looked at the consequences of sitting still for long periods of time.

One of the surprising findings was how fast your body matures without physical activity.

– Those who are in good physical shape, you will notice it much quicker if they are inactive over long periods of time, compared with those who are moderately active to normal, ” says Ekelund.

the Aim of the study was to find out how you can eliminate the link between stillesitting and premature death, ” says professor Ulf Ekelund.

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He tells of a classic experiment that checked the effect of total inactivity had on the human body.

A test group consisting of individuals in good shape and people in relatively ordinary form, should be bedridden, completely inactive in three weeks.

– Those that were in good shape, used 2 months to get back to its original form, while those who are not trained to the commonly-used 2-3 weeks, ” says Ekelund.

If stillesittingen becomes more prolonged, it can increase the risk of getting heart disease and diabetes type 2, and in the worst case, be fatal, according to the study.

– Those who are least physically active and sitting quietly for a long time, have an increased risk for early death, ” says Ekelund.

hours and Hours in front of the TV

New figures from the Side the Media shows, among other things, that norwegians as 170 minutes of linear TV on average every day in the previous week. It does not include the minutes we use to watch movies and shows on various streaming services.

HBO and Netflix tend not to publish ratings, but strømmetjenestene has grown regularly, both in the daily, weekly and monthly coverage.

The good news is that it is not so dangerous to sit still for several hours, if you also are physically active.

But it required a good deal of activity in order to counteract the negative consequences of sitting quietly for a long time.

– One should be physically active between 60 and 75 minutes every day in order to eliminate the risk that comes with it to sit still for at least 8-10 hours every day, ” says the professor.

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Many are being asked to stay at home in quarantine for the time being, without that they are sick. But you should not be sitting quietly in your favorite chair. Personal trainer Yngvar Andersen has many suggestions for at-home training in koronakarantene.

Photo: Helge Moldver / NRK Training is good for you

the Temptations can be great when you have free access to the godteriskuffen and all the time in the world at home. But a little effort each day does wonders for the body.

Whether you tend to be active or not, there is none that is good for two weeks on the couch, ” says personal trainer Yngvar Andersen to NRK.

Andersen encourages healthy people who are not so active to normal, to try to look at a koronakarantene as your ticket to a more active lifestyle.

– Try on a variety of exercises and treningsformer in quarantine, and take your new habits out in the normal everyday life again, ” says Yngvar Andersen.

the Case originally had a different title. There is a lack of physical activity that is the main point in the case, the title is changed in line with this.

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