to Start the academic year in full-time mode of ready, 165 schools, almost 400 kindergartens, 17 institutions of additional education. Approximately 172 thousand children will go to school this year.

August 20 will start the admission in institutions of additional education, there is created 19,5 thousand people. The first classes already taken 21 thousand seats out of 22 planned.

– with regard to the Day of knowledge, rulers and holidays. We follow the sanitary norms and requirements. They clearly stated that the events should now be limited. Conducting lines with a large number of children and adults because of the difficulty of complying with the social distance is likely to be canceled. But we will hold a feast in the classroom. There will be flowers, and familiarity with teachers, and familiarity with the school, – told reporters the head of the Department of education of administration of Ekaterinburg Ekaterina Sibirtseva.

She noted that holidays will be spent, but it will happen within a single team in which the child will be all the time.

If parents are afraid to let the child go to school, because he is at risk, then there are different options of individual approaches. But, according to Sibircevo, this should be addressed within a specific educational organization at the request of parents.

– We are not asking parents to go on family learning, we can go to a meeting and draw up an individual study plan, she said.

Usually planned repairs and fulfillment of requirements leaves little more than 100 million rubles for all 600 institutions are the standard figures. The additional cost of equipping institutions with means of security to prevent the spread of infection was 150 million. Continuing development of these assets and the final amount will be known only at the end of August. Previously, all necessary provided the examination in 11 classes: for example, they now have the recyclers and disinfecting of air dispensers for the treatment of hands, non-contact thermometers. We are currently completing the equipment of kindergartens. Until the end of August will equip all the schools.

Sibirtseva noted that the masks of the regulations no. Mask mode is available only for the technical maintenance requirements for kitchen workers. But if parents want to provide the child with means of individual protection, no one will interfere. Also, to get to educational institution, children do not need a certificate of no coronavirus or antibodies.

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