It’s true, when the celebrities on the Thai beach become lax, when the normal intrigues don’t work despite the psychological terror, secret recipes are needed! “Kampf der Realitystars” (RTLZWEI) conjured several surprises out of a hat in episode six. Which led to unexpected great moments.

Two newcomers made their contribution. Yeliz Koc landed on the Thai beach as the first newcomer of the day on a mirror-smooth sea. She was frenetically greeted by Elena Miras because the two had already become bosom friends in the “Summer House of the Stars”. At home, the waves are much higher: because Yeliz drew blank for “Playboy”, Jimi Bue Ochsenknecht’s ex recently received bad hate messages. Malkiel Rouven Dietrich, the second newcomer in the series, earns his living as a fortune teller and clairvoyant. That must make you suspicious: if he had known what to expect, he would have been better off staying at home.

Malkiel’s suffering began with a seemingly harmless game. Normally, the “stars” have to guess how they are judged by the TV fans. But now they should classify each other. Who is the least popular? Ronald Schill, the former “Judge Merciless”, recognized what was going on: “They want to sow discord.” That’s right, but the stars countered: They simply chose their loved one. Namely the new one, Malkiel.

Shortly after the solidarity coup against the broadcaster, the RTLZWEI audience was allowed to rub their eyes. Cathy Hummels in the Sala? It only shows up at the pick-up ceremony. Solution: That wasn’t the kicker woman at all, just her head on Malkiel’s shoulders! The image montage was the punishment for the fact that the celebrities changed the rules of the game. Malkiel had to take the rap and walk around with a (digitally rigged) Cathy skull for the rest of the show.

“I didn’t deserve that,” Malkiel, the off-duty clairvoyant, grumbled about the unpleasant surprise. Outraged, he wanted to leave, but Martin Wernicke resolutely stood in “Malkathy’s” way, and Nina Kristin didn’t want to do without her favorite fortune-teller either, because of whom she had already quit a lover, even though he swore eternal loyalty.

Then the next one freaked out. After all, Martin Wernicke is an “actor” (“Berlin – Day and Night”). He found the toilet situation suboptimal and quarreled because the suitcases were still “locked”. “I want my f… suitcase back and another damn… toilet!” he gave the reed sparrow on duty. 13 people, one toilet! Martin’s bowl almost burst with anger. But also because he had to run around “for three days with the same underpants”. “If I catch something here, you’ll get a lawsuit,” he threatened the production. Ronald Schill tried to calm him down, but Martin continued to rage. Malkiel: “Pooh the bear turned angry orc.”

Enough whining and bickering: It was soon a matter of playing for safety at the pick-up ceremony. The celebrities showed that their ambition is only surpassed by their lack of general education. And that permanently! The Jakic Twins – although “reality stars” themselves – did not know a single reality TV format. Nina Kristin disrespectfully: “They still have to work their way up.”

It got even more embarrassing when the celebrities had to match countries on a map of Europe. Paco Herb confused Italy with Switzerland. Martin couldn’t believe it. Ironically, the one who has no idea where France is. Quote Schäfer Heinrich: “Home, my stars!” Elena Miras crowned the misery of geography. What’s the use of knowing where The Stars’ Summer House was filmed (Portugal) if you can’t show it on the map. Although Elena’s parents are from Spain, she confused Portugal with Spain. “Incredible, isn’t it?” Ronald Schill marveled.

Then things got serious. The real Cathy Hummels arrived at the pick-up ceremony in what appeared to be a bustier made out of peeled white asparagus. She wanted to know whether Malkiel felt comfortable with her on his skull. He replied: “How do you feel on my body?” Cathy: “Finally I have real curves!” What a counterattack! If it wasn’t scripted…

And who had to go? The Yakic twins do everything identically – even the frugal look after being fired. The newcomers voted out the “Fake-Linge” (O-Ton Yeliz) because, according to Malkiel, they wanted to “tear down their façade”. Nina Kristin, for her part, saw the end. The Sala permanent staff clearly decided against them. The singer was relieved: “I had no more strength. I’m looking forward to a proper shower and a temperature-controlled room.” She left smiling. Maybe she knew something…

Because suddenly Iris Klein was standing in the Thai sand. She had previously had to stay in corona quarantine for 20 days. Now she can finally start. “I have a mission here – and I’m going through it.” Premonition: It’s going to be fun!

In the current “Playboy” Yeliz Koc drops everything – and is curious about the reactions of those around her. In an interview with the magazine, the ex-“Bachelor” candidate also reveals why she has not yet told her father about the recordings.

A bit of “Aktenzeichen XY”, a little “How would you decide”?, a touch of Ferdinand von Schirach: Stern TV starts a “live experiment” and lets the viewers judge: Is a police officer allowed to use violence if it serves a good cause is?

Jan Leyk’s plan to clear his name with the RTLzwei show “Kampf der Realitystars” has worked so far. But now he loses himself in a fixed idea and attacks the Jakic Twins. But apparently there is a trash god.

The original of this post “Battle of the Reality Stars” contestant got Cathy Hummels’ head” comes from Teleschau.