here we go again. It is to be married again. Although I have two pairs in the environment, the tied the knot in the winter months, seem to still the months without “r” to be highly popular. May is back in office time. But may-au kli unstable. A friendly Couple is still sad that it pisses on your big day. You know, thanks to meteorological measurement devices (and thanks to the Smartphone) and of course a lot of before. You complain, I drift away and I wonder: Can you get upset about the weather? You may choose in the previous year, one day must be the day of days? Including Sunshine. Quite a lot of pressure for a day. It is not romantic to Wake up, look at and say: “Let’s get married today!” Because parties stand for weeks, anyway, at least Lust.

she gives me abdominal pain. What is totally absurd, I’m not the bride. The bride is a bit related, but not a friend. I’m not going. On the big day, I’m on vacation, and for the Registrar’s office Friday, I don’t want to take. Why invites me, and we have nowadays nothing to do with each other? Somehow also really nice. (But I’ll get there in the case, not when you invite People just because you are related, or Who-invited-invite-then-even-a-game). Last week I was put before the fact: I Put a note in your cards? Actually, Yes! Actually, no!

with so many Codes and practices? What you want, it is the stag and hen parties are already so sau-consuming that you enter a week of vacation and his Bank account empty spaces. Examples? The group is touring with “Team Bride”hats through Las Vegas (on Facebook), a well-Known sucks, how expensive is flight and Hotel on the Côte d’azur, and the other day I heard of a hen night, but actually, a “Blow Job course” is to be organised. God is peaceful, all is actually going on with eu?