His possible departure at the end of 2020 caused a stir. Now, U.S. Ambassador Edward McMullen (55) makes it clear opposite VIEWS: “I’m staying!”

VIEW meets Donald trump’s man in Switzerland, on the sidelines of this year’s digital tags. He was very interested in all new technologies, says the 55-Year-old. And fall: He hope that he is allowed to remain after the re-election of President Trump in Bern.

not a sound in the large VIEW-Interview in July in a different way? By no means, assured the Ambassador on Wednesday by phone. And there is a big promise: “I will remain in office for as long as the President wants!”

McMullen says of Bern

U.S. Ambassador to be appointed by the American President. The President is not re-elected or he is not able to start after two terms of office, whether it is customary for all ambassadors to withdraw. The new President of professions in General, their own Familiar.

Creates Trump for a second term, but it would also be a man in Bern definitely want to go in the extension. “I love Switzerland. My wife and I have so many friends here,” he says.

And, above all, he has a lot of: “Even if I could only stay until the end of 2020, I would now be just half.” Finally, it is only since November 2017 term of office.

The US Ambassador wants to bring the free trade Treaty

A free trade agreement between the USA and Switzerland would be the former PR man like yet. “I’m extremely optimistic.” Two years of talks ran extremely well.

it’s good that it works also with the language getting better and better. “The speech by the Federal councillor Ueli Maurer on the Digitaltag I understood well. At least I could nod in the right Places and laugh.” McMullens favorite Swiss word: “Hoi.”

Called after a VIEW-to Interview Trump?

he had to use after the Interview in July, probably quite often. In order to clarify that he doesn’t get away so quickly. “You would not believe how many calls and letters I get because of the title! A well-Known was really sad.”

Whether the US President has asked, does not want to betray McMullen. “But don’t worry,” he says, laughing. “I have made it clear that everyone understands how it was meant to be.”