Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted (57) not shone in the middle of August with impressive quarter, but also with his appearance. If the former Henkel chief enters with a three-day beard, Denim Jeans and Three-stripe Sneakers the stage, he is with his nonchalance most of the Suits in the audience think.

It is admirable, as is youthful. Clearly, the brand is committed to sportsmanship. Therefore, Rorsted, who also sits on the Board of Directors of Nestlé, every day with the Velo instead of the official car in the Adidas moves Headquarters in Herzogenaurach (D). to be

Fit and dynamic and no tie umzubinden, gives Rorsted but his youthful Spirit. These he draws from his Team: “half of our employees in Herzogenaurach, Germany, are under 30 years old,” says Rorsted proud of. In addition, the top managers in the economy of the book “The elite report” how to quote the following: “at seven o’clock in the evening is with me.”

Delegate brings less Stress

in order Rorsted revealed a secret of his agile appearance: “CEOs, who can delegate, to remain in the progressive age a vital and a be usually fewer wrinkles,” says Hans Groth (66) from the World Demographic & Ageing Forum, an Institute of the University of St. Gallen. It deals with the demographics and their impact. Groth adds: “The more managers are other-directed, the more you are stressed and aging faster.”

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Not so the Adidas-in-chief. Rorsted is what many men desire. To be 50 interesting, open, alive, and visually attractive – without having to skinny jeans or constraints to tattoo full.

bald head as a Lifestyle

as a man, so ingratiating, was not “necessary at all”, said the Swiss researchers, François Höpflinger (71) of the University of Zurich. “That men do not need glasses, gray hair or baldness is socially accepted is wider than in the past. It is no longer considered as an old phenomenon, but as a Lifestyle.”

the glasses and grey hair are particularly good, the Swiss Designer Alfredo Häberli. He fits in well with its elegant and timeless appearance perfect to the design objects he has created in the last few decades. Häberli is to knock a man, the woman or man a Pat on the shoulder and say: “Well kept.” In addition, Häberli designed something that makes men seem attractive: success. The Swiss is through his creations for Vitra, BMW, Iittala or Moroso world-famous. And, thanks to the royalties financially set for life.

“I’m watching my diet”

Häberli not more but admits that he can take it, in the meantime, a night shift so easily as in the past. Attractiveness needs in the advancing age of discipline: “I watch my diet,” he says. This is important with all the traveling. In addition, Alfredo Häberli is regular Jogging, and he’s trying to sleep enough.

That self-control is the key to stay mentally and physically fit, confirmed Hans Groth, World Demographic & Ageing Forum. For Häberli, this also means that he can be distinguished clearly. “I don’t have to join in everything.” This Knowledge had made him more relaxed.

If he was vain? The 55-Year-old laughs mischievously and says: “If you work in an aesthetic world, is the obvious choice.” Through his profession, his travels and his self-employment Häberli as a young acting assistant. He is a father of two.

60 is the new 40

According to the researchers Höpflinger the different phases of life are blurred anyway increasingly saying, “people appreciate today are much younger than they are chronologically.” And the loser behaved accordingly time. Family and career have shifted in the past few years, “strong.”, the researchers says. Today it is not unusual that a man in your early 40’s with a small child by the road. This was a few years ago, rather out of the ordinary.

The old term the new convertible life designs would define today: “people change in the course of your life more and more frequently, the Job, the Partner, the place of residence,” says François Höpflinger. To be able to keep up, you have to remain open and curious. The let the people younger and agile. “Old, gray hair, but long the age of majority in a profession or deadlocked life situation.”

Groth goes even further: “in the past, it was 60 in the end – tired of living. Today, a Retired New things to learn and discover want to.”

the Swiss actor Stefan Gubser (61) is continually reinventing itself. The “crime scene”-Commissioner has established with the actress Regula grey Willer (48) a company and a project about art forger-married couple, Helene and Wolfgang Beltracchi working on a Stage. “We have to learn so much Text by heart, keeps you fit in the head,” says Gubser.

The age

And: are “curiosity keeps you young.” Therefore, Gubser exchanges also regularly with his daughter, Stefanie. About his age he rarely thought. He doesn’t have to. No Swiss actor of the three-day beard as good as him. Not only in his films, but also in private, he exudes strength and power. If he look at himself in the mirror, realize he’s of course a difference. “But to be pleased with himself, is very much related to his age,” says Gubser.

attitude for a man over 50 years of the crucial elements for a stylish aging, says Groth. This personality could be awarded with the right clothing expression: “compared to The past, today there is a wide selection of high-quality and chic Casual dresses, cool toiletries and sports activities for men,” says Groth. Earlier, it was mainly with a suit to emphasise maturity. Today, the diversity greater is.

Status is not younger

André Lüthi (59), CEO of the travel company, Globetrotter, suits foreign. His face radiates a youthful Schalk, is mostly browned, and the density of bed-hair could also grow on the head of a 25-Year-old. He has just returned from a climb of mount Kilimanjaro. He was already in over 120 countries.

travel keeps you young, is for many managers, with a 60-hour week, but hardly possible. For Lüthi, such a calendar is inconceivable: “thanks to the numerous encounters with the diverse people and cultures, I think, is always open to the eyes.” Probably was – but how is it that hardly anyone can guess his age?

“From the age of 40, you must keep moving”

go for a jog almost every Morning on the river Aare, platforms in between, on top of a mountain. “From the age of 40, you must keep moving. Otherwise it goes rapidly downhill,” says the globe-trotting CEO. Top managers would bear this fact but little account, and instead prefer a motorcycle to buy. “I take care of a Life Balance not a Work-Life Balance.” These two areas of life are constantly disconnect, be exhausting.

Luthi is aware of the fact that he was lucky to be able to his Hobby into a profession. Expert Groth says: “If a man has a goal in mind, he remains both attractive and dynamic.” He could not go, pay attention to no matter whether fashion, food, alcohol.

white shirt with rolled up Sleeves

This also applies to SVP national councillor and entrepreneur Adrian Amstutz (65). Not for nothing does the media refer to him as “Richard Gere of the Alps”. Amstutz is wearing a decent fitting suits, but also heroic in a tight T-Shirt on the summit of a mountain. This hands-on, he took over from his father, he says. White shirt with his Sleeves rolled up, always in Action, until recently, with the parachute out of the plane jumping.

As he creates the only? “I am lucky to be healthy and enjoy my old age.” Special tips for decent aging, he did not. “I buy my clothes off the rack, let me my hair in the village cut, red wine to drink every night, a glass, and use since the birth is the cheapest Nivea Crème.” Thus, Amstutz shows what really goes on in the age of authenticity – or, as the politician says: “Nothing to believe.”