Pilots in aerial formation over the Theater square and the monument “to the Liberators of Rostov”. Demonstration flights were performed at altitudes from 100 to 300 meters and at speeds from 250 to 600 km/h.

Opened flypast multi-purpose transport helicopter Mi-26T, which is the lifting helicopter in the world and can carry 20 tons of cargo. Then were transport-combat helicopters Mi-8AMTSH “Terminator”, Ми28-N “Night hunter”, Mi-35 and Ka-52 “alligator”.

Then over the area flew a light aircraft L-410 and An-26 and the legend of the military transport aviation – Antonov 12.With a roar flew su-25 “Rook”, the bombers su-24M and su-34, su-27 and su-30CM.

In Volgograd at ten hours local time, the crews of combat helicopters Mi-8AMTSH, Mi-28N, Mi-35 and su-24M, su-25, su-27 and su-34 made an impressive flight in pairs at altitudes from one hundred to three hundred meters at a speed of from 250 to 600 kilometers per hour.

First of all, the pilots rushed to the symbol of courageous defend the city from the German invaders Mamaev Kurgan.

the veterans of the great Patriotic war, as well as residents and guests of Volgograd directly from the cockpit of the su-24M bomber asked the commander of the regiment, Colonel Vasily Ponomarev, who congratulated all the 75 anniversary of the Victory. He wished the veterans good health and happiness.

– A peaceful sky over your heads we will save, – concluded the commander of the regiment.

Aviation parades also took place in Astrakhan. It was attended by four MIG-29 and two MI-8 helicopter.

All in honor of Victory Day in the sky over 13 cities of the South of Russia and North Caucasus air parade passed 210 aircraft and helicopters.