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Teachers at far Eastern Federal University personal example show how non-standard the online platform can be adapted to the educational process. Now, when lectures and seminars fully go online for an indefinite period, it is especially important.

On the recommendation of the Ministry of education of the University has translated all educational activities in the electronic environment March 23.

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We have provided your employees with intuitive work tool is a cloud – based service Microsoft Teams, – said the Director of the Center for development of higher education programs of the University Eugene Ledkov. But the University administration made a decision: if convenient, you can use the other.

moreover, some teachers, for example, from the School of digital economy (SCE) and students from specific disciplines require additional features. Therefore it unusual, at first glance, for education platform, for example, Zoom and Twitch. What is their “trick”?

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG state exams in universities can partly be moved to online

– as soon As we realized that we completely converted to the online format, I decided to work in Zoom, – says the head of the educational program “Digital arts” SCA Ekaterina Belyaeva. Our students were already familiar with this platform – we used it for video conferencing. Many of our teachers invited experts who are not registered in the internal electronic system of the University. So Zoom is a great solution. Is stable, the interface is intuitive. You can schedule online meetings, there is a built in Google calendar to make the schedule and couples intensives.

But head of the laboratory of the Department of information security Sergey Zotov to conduct their lectures rather videostreaming service Twitch. What is it? It is typically used to broadcast computer games and eSports tournaments. But what’s the lecture?

it Turns out that this platform is very convenient in real time to show students the tasks, their solutions and even “broadcast” the contents of the desktop of your computer. And she is “friends” with other devices – for example, with a graphics tablet.

Head of the laboratory of the Department of information security, lecturer SCE FEFU:

– I can connect two monitor on one online lecture, on the other to see all the necessary information on the activity, shares his experience on the website of the University Sergey Zotov. – Another advantage for Twitch – free broadcast. To me for couples to “go” students from other universities.