Alexander Ovechkin with his eldest son Sergei

Yesterday in many countries around the world celebrated father’s Day. On this occasion, many Russian and Western stars have shared in his instagram shots from the home archive, congratulated their fathers, husbands and sweethearts with this day and expressed their gratitude. SPLETNIK.RU traditionally gathered the good wishes of celebrities in a single material.

Jessica Biel

Dad, which not only protects and provides for us but, most importantly, plays and puts up with our antics. Teaches, directs, comforts, accepts and respects. being a father is sometimes a thankless job, but today, I hope you understand how much important in our life. Love you Justin, every day and always. With love, mom and Silas.

Justin Timberlake with his son Silas

Ashley Graham

Happy first father’s Day, Justin Erwin. You really are the best father I know. Isaac and love you endlessly.

Justin Erwin with his son Isaac

Julia Kovalchuk

I father’s Day I decided to make our daddy Alexey Chumakov experiment with carrot cake. It seems to me, if daddy fed, the house always reigns calm and serenity. And actually, for us girls, dads are special people. This childhood sense of security, immense love and almost always permissiveness, does not see the mother (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved. — Approx. ed.).

Victoria Cool

happy father’s Day, Igor Krutoy. You’re the best and we love you very much!

Miranda Kerr

Happy father’s Day to my amazing dad! You are our support, and I was very lucky that you’re my dad. Thanks to my husband Evan for what he is the most incredible father to our beautiful children.

Danila Kozlovsky

All bat Day Bati.

Danila Kozlovsky with his daughter ODA Valentina

Regina todorenko

happy father’s Day, daddy! You are the most kind, cheerful, sincere and kind person I know. Pleased to this day to remain your heavenly swallow. Your faith in me gives me wings.

Regina todorenko with the father

Dmitry Malikov

My children greeted me happy father’s Day!

Stefaniya Malikova brother Marc

Diane Kruger

For the Kras��of the new Pope! Happy father’s Day!

Anastasia Subsky

on father’s Day, I want to congratulate my two favorite men: my daddy and Sasha is the best father our child could ever ask for. Today I share with you this touching photo of Sasha and Serezha.

Alexander Ovechkin with son

Eva Longoria

happy father’s Day the best husband and daddy ever! Our son is incredibly lucky, because you are the best example. You are the most kind, wonderful and intelligent man in the world. I love you. Happy father’s Day.

Scout Willis

My dad did not even understand what social network, so I will not address him on this important occasion here. But damn it, I really really love and appreciate this man!

Paris Hilton

Happy father’s Day! We love you, dad!

Dmitry Iskhakov

take care of their dad. Today is international father’s day.

Dmitry Iskhakov and Polina Gagarina with children


Today, the third Sunday of June many countries celebrate father’s Day. In Russia this holiday is not yet considered official, but it’s still a wonderful occasion to congratulate those who from childhood was an example for us to follow, a hero, a protector and friend, our dad. Health, strength, prosperity and may will return a hundredfold all that you so lovingly have invested in their children. Dearest daddy all the kind words today you in the first place.

Jasmine’s father

Gisele Bundchen

All the great dads, especially my dear father and loving husband, happy father’s Day! Thank you for being so love us, take care and constantly made to feel safe.

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady with kids

Jessica Simpson

the Most wonderful as my husband is to be the most caring dad in the whole Universe. He teaches our children, listen to them. He gives them all his attention. He is always there, protects them, cherishes and loves. There is no greater gift for our family than Eric Johnson. Happy father’s Day to all the dads out uchicago!

Eric Johnson with children

happy father and his dad, Joe Simpson. You are the best gift that can only be her daughter. When you speak, I listen and learn. When you dream, I’m counting the stars with you. When you cry, I cry. When you learn, I gain wisdom. I will always feel confident because you believe in me.

Jessica Simpson with her father Johnon

Kim Kardashian

How I wish that you were here and we would together celebrate father’s Day! Happy holiday to the best dad of all time!

Robert Kardashian’s daughters

happy father’s Day best dad Kanye West! Thank you for making our lives such fun. You give our children only the most beautiful. I love you so much!

Kourtney Kardashian

Happy father’s Day! Thank you for these three special people!

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick with children

Thank you for what you are the best dad in the world! For something that gave me confidence and taught me true and unconditional love.

Kourtney Kardashian with father Robert and mother Kris Jenner

Kylie Jenner

Happy father’s Day!

happy father’s Day! Love you!

Kris Jenner

Happy father’s Day to all fathers, stepfathers, expectant fathers, and grandfathers! We are happy to have you in our lives! Thank you for what you teach, love and support of our children and grandchildren, serve an example for them. Love you!

Inna Malikov

happy father’s Day, dear dad.

Inna Malikova with father Yuri

Matthew McConaughey

With awe! Father’s day.

Matthew McConaughey with children

Rezo Gigineishvili

Happy father’s Day!


Happy father’s Day to me and to all the parents who are doing everything possible to educate, guide, inspire and teach your children!


Today is a wonderful holiday, international father’s day! God bless all fathers on earth! Me and my dad have always been a special bond, we understand each other without words, we have largely similar personalities and views on life, we are “on the same wavelength”, the Pope continues every day we learn something. Thanks for all!

Tatiana Totmianina

being a father is a huge responsibility! Thank you for being real!

Alexei Yagudin with his daughters

Alexander Revva

the Best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. Happy father’s Day, dads!

Alexander Revva with his daughters

Justin Bieber

Dad, happy father’s Day! It sucks that I can’t be with you this day, but am grateful the Bay, JAXA, Ellie and Jazzy for the fact that they spend this time with you. The whole, spend this wonderful day!

Small Justin Bieber with father


Happy father’s Day, dad! I love you very much!

Shakira father

Catherine Zeta-Jones

happy father’s Day, my dear daddy. You’re the wind beneath my wings. Your instructions are still with me from when I was a little girl. You soprovozhdal me all the way, and I love you with all my heart.

Catherine Zeta-Jones father

Jennifer Lopez

happy father’s Day, Marc Anthony! I wish you all the best today!

Dad, thank you for what you are! For loving me for who I am! I am so lucky that you’re my dad! Happy father’s Day.

Alex, you presence in our lives is a great blessing. When I look at you with all of our children, my soul begins to sing. Happy father’s Day handsome! We love you very much!

Victoria Beckham

Someone loves daddy.

Cruz Beckham

Happy father’s Day, dad! Spend this great day!

David Beckham with his sons Cruz and Romeo

Romeo Beckham

Happy father’s Day! Love you so much!

David Beckham’s son Romeo

Danny Fujikawa daughter Rani

Little Kate beckinsale’s father

Sergei Polunin and Elena ilinykh

Ciara with her father

Goldie hawn and Kurt Russell

fergie with father

Katherine Heigl with his father

Robin Wright with father

ashlee Simpson with father and son

Evan Ross with children

Father Kirill Serebrennikov

Tobey Maguire with wife Jennifer Meyer and children

Boyfriend Chloe sevigny the Sinisa Makovich son Vanya