the Epicenter of the pandemic coronavirus this week finally moved in the Western hemisphere. The most worrying situation in Brazil, which came in third place for the number infected and is now second only to the United States and Russia. The experts warn that 19 out of 20 cases of infection in the largest country in Latin America not covered in official statistics.

the spread of the disease, not only put the health system on the brink of collapse, but also exacerbated the political crisis in the country, controlled almost the main world COVID-Maverick — President Jairam Bolsonaro who believes coronavirus “slight flu”. Now Bolsonaro could face impeachment.

Coronavirus came to South America later than in other regions. So, in the largest Brazilian city são Paulo first case of infection was recorded only at the end of February. Now, according to the world health organization (who), South America — the new epicentre of the pandemic. To the mainland accounted for about 30% of all sick this week, while Europe and the USA — 20%.

In the country as of Friday there were more than 310 thousand infected and more than 20 thousand deaths from the coronavirus (this figure has almost doubled over the past 12 days). Championship of Brazil is second only to USA and Russia with rates at 1.6 million and 335 thousand, respectively. But among experts there is tremendous concern that the actual number of cases in a Latin American country significantly higher. So, journalists of the newspaper El Pais drew attention to the suspiciously high percentage of deaths from coronavirus in Brazil and what the country daily, there is relatively little testing.

the healthcare System in Brazil is already close to collapse: in intensive therapy são Paulo almost gone places, and hospitals are filled to 75%. In the mayoralty have warned that overloaded health care system will hold a maximum of two weeks. A serious shortage of beds in intensive care observed in the state of Rio de Janeiro. the city of Manaus in the Amazon basin hospital was so overcrowded that the dead had to be buried in mass graves.

As reported this week, U.S. President Donald trump, given the negative dynamics of the situation in Brazil, Washington is considering imposing a ban on the message of this Latin American country.

meanwhile, the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro whom the media have long nicknamed the “Brazilian tramp”, continue remains one of the few world leaders who deny the threat of coronavirus. Who recommendations, including the adoption of measures of social distancing, the Brazilian leader ignores. In��past Sunday, for example, he met with his supporters who decided to make (and easily done) with him photos. And two weeks ago Bolsonaro announced that it intends to make BBQ party which will be attended by about three dozen people.

For this reason, the politician last month said goodbye to two Ministers of health — Henrique Mandetta and Nelson Tasem who criticized the approaches of the President to the problem. Disagreements have arisen including the due methods of treatment of the disease Bolsonaro actively promotes the use to combat COVID-19 hydroxychloroquine — a drug that is used to treat malaria. The same one in which he confessed and Donald trump. Research, however, showed that the drug is not only ineffective, but can even cause harm.

According to the Director of the Ibero-American Institute (Moscow) Vicente Barrientos, the decision not to enter quarantine at the national level is primarily due to economic reasons: in the case of such step, the President would have to “provide citizens with significant economic assistance.” “Due to the fact that the economic situation is so unfavorable, he decided to refrain from this”, — noted in conversation with “Kommersant” expert.

meanwhile, at the regional level of government show independence. In April 24 of the 27 governors in the country has used its powers to introduce quarantine measures contrary to the opinion of the President. At the same time in the country intensified supporters Jaira Bolsonaro: opponents to the introduction of quarantine came to the demonstration and demanded “military intervention led Bolsonaro”. Part of the requirement has been met: after the resignation of Nelson Teisha, which did not last in his post and month, the Ministry of health temporarily took control of the military.

In late April, the resignation of another and the Minister of justice Sergio Mora, who accused Zaire Bolsonaro of interference in work of law-enforcement bodies of the country, namely the obstruction of the investigation of criminal cases, defendants who are the sons of the President. At the same time, the Supreme court started an investigation: if the fault of the President will be proved, he may lose his post through impeachment.

last Thursday, the situation worsened even more: the seven opposition parties and more than 400 organizations sent to the Chamber of deputies of the joint petition for imposition of the President’s impeachment. In their opinion, the President “leads Brazil and the majority of the population to tragedy”: he took a irresponsible position during a pandemic, encroaches on democratic principles and committed a number of crimes.

“The opposition is convinced that the impeachment Jaira Bolsonaro not far off. Opponents think the President the person having the gaps in education that does not allow him to think strategically. The impression is that he works as a firefighter and at the same time fighting with all, — said “Kommersant” Vicente Barrientos.— Meanwhile, President as former military supports the military elite (though not all). And among the common people he continue is very popular”.

Marina Kovalenko