As a social contract helps families to overcome poverty

Cocontract is the bodies of social protection of citizens and families whose income is below the subsistence level. The payment amount is increased to 250 thousand rubles. All of these goals to the regions, grants for 2020 is 7 billion rubles. They are distributed in the pilot regions, their – 21, not 13, as previously planned. It is the regions with the lowest levels of subsistence minimum. It is planned that the social contract will apply throughout the country already in 2021, is in the Federal budget is 22 billion rubles.

the Ministry said it would spend Federal funds as part of cocontract today you can only three directions: employment assistance (including training, job search and scholarships during the internship), opening their own business and also to support fellow citizens in a difficult life situation. “For example, money can be sent for expensive treatment or as a Supplement to the family in which a child learns,” says Rodionov.

Photo: iStock Large families will offer to sign cocontract

payments on the contract must be used only for the intended purpose. So, cocontract for training and subsequent job placement requires a citizen to go to work.

each region retains the right to develop their areas, adapted to the needs of the local population, but only at their own expense. The main condition that the allocated funds must be spent on overcoming the difficulties of life, and not for daily expenses. For example, in rural areas demand a lump-sum payment for the development of private economy. Needy citizens help them to acquire cattle, chickens, bees, planting material, agricultural machinery.

So, in Tuva enjoys popular launched 4 years ago the program, in terms of which people get plot of land and 200 head of sheep, and after a year transfer them to others in need, leaving his offspring. Through this program, 416 families out of the poverty line. In the Altai Republic in 2019 all signed cocontract 25 poor families with many children chose one direction – maintaining personal part-time farms. The means of cocontract (and on average, they amounted to 30 thousand rubles) they have purchased cows, sheep, dairy goats, poultry, pigs, bees, and incubators, feed, equipment and building materials for farm structures.

the village For the easiest and most popular option is to receive a payment (about 30 thousand rubles) for the purchase of livestock, chickens, bees and agricultural machinery

half of the residents of the Vologda region, signed cocontract, with the help of looking for work, 40% are being retrained or acquire all necessary for private farming, and 10% having their own business. Thus, the family of Tatiana and Alexei Sakinah Ziemie from the village of the Gryazovets district, whose four children received under the social contract, the allowance of 36 thousand rubles bought pigs, incubator, and 50 Turkey eggs, feed the mill. Engaged in farmed poultry and pigs. Now these chickens coming from all around, they sell eggs, meat, bacon, and used the money to build his own house.

Photo: iStock low-income families with young children will receive a new payment

In Bashkiria, 2014 entered is already 6.7 thousand social contracts, the amount of payments in 2019 ranged from 15 thousand rubles for the travel and accommodation while training to 100 thousand roubles on opening of own business. The most popular was a contract for the purchase and breeding of cattle, rabbits, birds, etc. (from 40 thousand to 50 thousand rubles), generally for 6 years, 98% of citizens have signed cocontract is on the development of private farming. Not always in such cases, the family formally out of poverty, but children have the opportunity to eat better. The regional authorities have set a goal to radically change the ratio cocontraction, focusing on business development. Because in the next five years from the Federal budget of Bashkortostan for development of system cocontraction will allocate more than billion, but it exhibited strict requirements to make the family independent economic entity, increasing real incomes and reducing poverty. And that one cow will do.

In Mordovia Republic within the framework of the social contract, you can obtain several types of assistance, including money for the repayment of the debt for utility services (not more than 30 thousand rubles, in the presence of the family of minor children – 50 thousand). In this case the money is not paid – they are transferred for payment of debt in the municipal organization, provided that the debtor began working to repay the debt.

In the Lipetsk region the first five cocontraction this year concluded with the families who will be involved in the breeding of strawberries for well-known in region manufacturer of fruit yogurts.

In the Rostov region the agreement between the citizens and the social services came back in 2013 and they have already helped to improve the situation 3551 family. For example, Elena Komarova Bataysk your family organized family business: the allocated funds she bought a tandoor for 200 thousand rubles., and opened a mini-bakery.