In November, was prompted Carter to a U.S. court about its weapons. He was simply “too dangerous”. Carter then lost control and refused. Now he is said to have allegedly stolen the image of a Berlin artist and for his purposes.

In the case of the work of art is the motif of two lions, the pressing forehead to forehead. Jonas Jödicke, from whose Hand the painting is, confirmed the incident to FOCUS Online. “One of my Followers has discovered on Friday that Carter has shared the image on Twitter, and it to me immediately.” The 25-Year-old responded immediately and found the Ex-teen Star via Twitter-to-speech: “Hey, Aaron Carter. You used my art to promote your merchandise. I have given you no permission. My art is daily being exploited by people for commercial use. We artists have rights, too!“ Jonas Jödicke The image of “Brotherhood” by Jonas Jödicke.

Shitstorm against Carter

Aaron Carter’s response came three minutes later, but was different than the artist had hoped: “You should take that as a compliment dick see! One of MY Fans sent me this. The answer is ‘no’. The image was made public and I use it to promote my clothing brand . Guess we’ll see you in court for small claims, shit!“ Screenshot of Twitter

In a YouTube live stream of the language Carter later about the incident and made the painter funny. The singer said the Tweet with Jödickes accusation I only got 17 Likes, he could do nothing to him so at all. Meanwhile, the said Tweet is one however, over 140,000 Likes and nearly 53,000 and Retweets (as of 21. January, 17.35). In addition, solid several well-known artists based in the Berlin and confronted Carter with the allegations.

Also Madonna used once of his art

In his Tweet, the Berlin-based artist mentioned Jödicke a second, serious copyright infringement. No one less than Madonna is also set to have one of his images used without permission. In 2015, the singer is a Alice have changed-in-Wonderland-artwork Jödickes. She dropped her face on the Alice photo-shop, and shared the image without the Copyright statement on Instagram. Jonas Jödicke

it was deployed then, too, many of them with him solid, legally, he was not proceeded against Madonna. “Today, I bite my in the butt that I did not at that time”, said Jödicke.

Hundreds of lawyers have not now

it is reported How he is going now, the white of the Berlin artist. He was glad in any case, it’s also a very big concern in the Internet. Around a hundred lawyers would have been reported now with him, tells the painter. Everyone with the offer to represent him in the dispute against Carter, if he should decide to do so. The artist considered, however, whether he wishes to proceed against Carter. “I don’t hate him. Actually, he can only be sorry and its Image is broken anyway.“ One of the lawyers doubt that to get the Ex-teen Star is something else, so the artist. “Maybe you can save that too easy.” Prince Harry breaks his Silence: “I want you to hear the truth from me,” FOCUS Online/Wochit-Prince Harry breaks his Silence: “I want you to hear the truth from me”