Gent / Sint-Martens-Latem

“So I put it to the practitioners to look at the flowers,” says the artist, Arne Quinze. He serves as a bloemenschilderij of 4 to 7 meters at the AZ Jan Palfijn in Ghent, belgium. “I can see all of the action and is felt to be useless. Therefore, I wanted them to color them.”

“On my way back to the studio, I saw that the white cloth and the sheets are hung along the streets,” said Quinze.”I thought that was such a nice gesture.” Therefore, he decided to join in the action. “A white canvas, I was hard to give up. So, I decided to work for the past week with a cloth to create a huge amount of colour. The color is exactly what we needed at this time. Especially in a hospital setting, which is often white and sterile.” A week later, it’s working, and “Wildflower Garden ” Painting.”

“I’ll put a call to all creative people: give to the people of color. Now, and in the wake of the crisis.” He will work with his team to work on Thursday handed over to the hospital. “We have been clear, because of the risks involved. Everything will be done to the required distance, and wearing gloves and surgical masks.”

Photo: Arne Quinze