whatever was happening, the artist needs privacy. Each of them has a voluntary exclusion – workshop. Special universe with its own rhythm and mood. Today the “MK” in the framework of the project “Art of Existence” will make the online journey to the Studio a unique author – Alexander Rostotsky. Artist, musician and chef creates works on the intersection of art – his painting sonorous, and the music is palpable, all the work tastefully.

During his career Alex has time to go round with a tour halfway around the world. Now isolated themselves at the dacha outside Moscow, where he continues to cook, painting and music.

Alex Rostotsky, founder of the jazz Bass Theatre, likes to experiment with styles and genres. His creativity began with music. The first vinyl record musician has sold copies in the tens of thousands of copies. Ten years ago, the car came to painting. Learned everything by myself and soon found his own style.

Once on a concert of Rostock, guests are immersed not only in meditative jazz, but also in his paintings, which are collected in the plots and are projected onto the stage screen. The musicians themselves become the paintings, and the music becomes a visual context. It is a kind of total installation, all the exciting feelings of the viewer-listener.

– What is your personal creativity zone? What a space, its mood, the drink? Does it matter the size, wall color, window view, the absence (or presence of) extended attributes (maybe books)?

– My creativity is two rooms: one in the Moscow apartment and the other in the country 80 km from the city. Workshops tiny, but to me they work really well. And there, and there is a mood of creative energy. And most importantly – everything is at hand: something to find, one need not look far or shovel materials in the computer, it is enough to lend a hand. To do the work of large format in such a small space is problematic, of course, but I found a way – paint a polyptych, using canvas of the same size, besides they are easier to transport and install.

is it Important for you loneliness while working in the Studio? Can you work, if there is someone else?

– very important To me privacy, no one and nothing should distract, even listening to music only at the stage of sketches. When work begins on the canvas or paper, comes a special condition, sometimes real euphoria, and in this state I better not touch. In the music workshop, I also will not let anyone, the only witness of what is happening can only be my favorite dog Stesha.

How long can you stay in the Studio alone? A few days, weeks, months and not go in white light?

– you Can stay in the mastrccoi a long time, my last six months experience (preparation for the exhibition and the jubilee concert) proof.

– How important is it for you food, when inspiration strikes? Do you have your recipes to fuel creative activity.

I’m a little cook, and this part of life for me, though not in the first place, but is an important component. I love to cook, I love white wine and real Georgian tea.

But if absorbed in his work, what food? Nothing to remember! And I don’t need to warm up their creative activity of any of the recipes, I always want to work. Even though the cooking process can be turned into creative. I just did a cooking show for friends in different countries.

One of my favorite recipes – Saigon soup. Here’s the recipe. At the bottom of a large pan with cold water to put the crab, cut two small chickens or middle part of a snake, cut into pieces of shark meat, ginger, a few heads of onions, carrots, celery root, parsley root, black mountain mushrooms. Cook over low heat for 30 minutes. For a few minutes until cooked put in a saucepan 3 types of shrimp, mussels in the wings, little octopus, liver slices of large fish. Serve in large bowls strained broth with all the ingredients, with fresh delicate mint, lemon and garlic.

– it is said that many artists work in “altered state”? Is it for you? What helps you sink into it?

– States come and go, but you must work every day, and many. If I wait for unusual mood, I will lose the accumulated yesterday. It is important every day to move and to solve simple and complex tasks, sometimes to seek answers in other types of art. From early childhood, I study music, and my musical experience often helps me in art search.

to live in the apartment for a few months, people must purchase products. And what should be in your workshop for two months, besides food? Specifically – how many liters of the solvent as the oil, canvases or other materials?

– To complete the work in isolation to me, in fact, need not so much. First of all, canvases, paper for applique and paper for watercolors. Conventional oil and watercolor paints I can paint for many years and only occasionally buy individual colors.

I work in different techniques, including the hybrid, which involves the use of almost everything that catches the eye: pieces of glass, fabric or metal, fragments of wood, African masks, etc., with such an Arsenal of expressive means I can isolate and work in peace very long, and when they run out of paint, I’ll draw the coals out of the fire.

– what, in your opinion, ��associe isolation will change our world? How to affect the culture?

– the World is changing very fast, especially today. We listen to the news, worried about friends, relatives and strangers in different parts of the Earth, care about our common future. Humanity faces a global threat to its existence, I want to believe that in these tragic days, people fully aware of the fragility of our being and thought. The world will never be the same. I don’t know how, but I hope that will change for the better.