son of a plat, or as they say in the Bernbiet “zöpfle”, is an old peasant tradition, which is today almost extinct. It’s about the crap art full to top up, so he has a Similarity with a pigtail braid.

In former times it belonged to the Pride of the farmers to have a spotless yard. Geraniums in the Windows, carvings or paintings on the facade, a lush vegetable and flower garden was part of the “comme il faut”. Even the son of a floor should look beautiful and from the hard work of Farmers Herald.

For previous generations was not rubbish crap just to be easy, but fertilizer, the harvest promised. In the modern stressful society, many may see in this activity a Form of mindfulness.

to reflect Whether the farmer’s pride, mindfulness, or just crap artist, Barbara Kiener, it gave the large audience about the meaning of the action in General and the crap and the “Zöpflen” in Particular.

The artist himself, stamped in white overalls and with bare feet in the cow dung around and relish the pitchfork swung, let the audience know that you Do, “a euphemism for the Shit.” The Stacking and “zöpfeln” of the Mists “is absurd and fascinating at the same time”.

With the Performance but also represents the complexity of a natural cycle between society and politics, origin and Tradition.