Arrow from hookah to Hanau, found dead at home

the Police of Hessen found the bodies of two people in the apartment Kesselstadt. One of them is the alleged shooter of hookah in Hanau. His victims were nine people, and five others were wounded. Shooter late in the evening of February 19, fired the visitors of hookah in the two districts of Hanau from the window of his car. First, he opened fire on the street Heumarkt underground station to the West of Hanau from the hookah “Midnight”, and then in the urban area of Kesselstadt attacked another Smoking — “a Bar and cafe arena”. Among the dead and wounded are ethnic Kurds.

the Body of the alleged shooter was found on the morning of 20 February at his home address, reports “Interfax”. The man before his death also left a written confession and videoobject of their actions, adds TASS. Just from the actions of the shooter killed 11 people, including himself.

the German Government has expressed condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the shooting in Hanau.

the City of Hanau is located 30 kilometers from Frankfurt. Its population exceeds 96 thousand people.Hanau is a city – port on the right Bank of the main river, at the confluence of the Kinzig. The first documentary mention of Hanau refers to the year 1143. Among the attractions: Castle Steinheim, which was destroyed in 1301 Ulrich I, the Church of Mary Magdalene, the Museum is in the Baroque style, built on the idea of count Philipp Reinhard von Hanau-Lichtenberg, the castle Philip castle Steinheim.

This is the second mass murder in Germany from the beginning of 2020. January 24, in the community of rot am see in the Federal state of Baden-württemberg 26-year-old young man shot and killed five people — two men and three women. The shooter also committed suicide. All his victims were linked by ties of kinship. Then the police called the incident a family tragedy.