Their singing can be heard in parks and gardens.

The capital returned to the warblers. Their singing was heard by the staff Moparty in the natural-historical Park “Kuz’minki-Lublin”.

These birds usually arrive quite late, when there is greenery on the trees. In Russia there are several types of warblers. In Moscow you can see and hear ordinary, or Eastern Nightingale. Like other songbirds, the trill of the Nightingale is designed to attract females and also to mark the site of his future nest. In the first two weeks of the breeding season Nightingale sings almost all day long, making only a small break in the middle of the day. Then the intensity gradually decreases. When the Chicks appear, the males almost cease to sing. In July, leaping Trilling stop completely.

Experts note that to see the Nightingale is not easy. These birds are quite secretive and prefer to stay in dense thickets. Apparently the Nightingale is not very remarkable. It is a little larger than a Sparrow, the upperparts are olive-brown, underparts gray — brown.

The nest of the Nightingale is often located in dense thickets of shrubs or tall grass. The favorite nesting — valleys of small rivers and streams. In Moscow Soloviev can be found in parks and squares, in the courtyards of houses.

Food for the birds are the insects, spiders, millipedes and other invertebrates, which they collect mainly on the ground. In late summer before flying nightingales can eat berries and seeds.

Since the end of August they gradually migrate to their wintering grounds in North Africa and southern Europe.

Annually within the framework of the environmental campaign specialists Mospeada carry out the account songbirds. The habitat of birds put on a special interactive map. Nightingales chosen areas Ramenki, Brateevo, LJUBLINO, South Butovo and other.