To Ekaterinburg has arrived the export flight from the United States, which returned 74 Russian citizen.As reported RIA Novosti, the flight was flying from new York to Moscow, then flew to Yekaterinburg. Part of the passengers will travel further in Novosibirsk.After landing in Yekaterinburg, 23 people with export flight went on a 14-day isolation under medical observation at the Observatory.Earlier, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin that abroad are more than 25 thousand Russian citizens who wished to return to Russia. Also according to Lavrov, March 18 was secured export a little more than 240 thousand Russians from abroad.

To return money for the ticket and a voucher: what is more profitable?
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On the eve of the export Board with 70 Russians arrived in Saint Petersburg from London. In Pulkovo airport passengers have undergone medical examination, they took the tests, and issued an order on 14-day isolation at the place of residence or in the Observatory.