it could almost get there yet (laughs).
Kim Lindemann: If we count back, rather the final stage of the championship. I’m born in November 1982.

EHC Arosa, where you were going today for you?
That was a brilliant time, you never forget. Both titles we won away in 1980 in Biel, 1982 in Davos. The memories are still present, that was a huge thing here.

I do not have this Status yet (smiles). I’m just the son of a legend. As soon as someone hears my last name, indulging them instantly to memories of then and tell my father.
Guido: legend, is now a big word. We had a great Team with many important players. The Cohesion was terrific. That’s why none of us moved at that time to another club. We had sun, mountains and snow here, what we wanted more? And success came then, too.

Yes, that’s right. It was here in Arosa, or in foreign stadiums, I’m surprised you recognize me. It makes me proud. And I’m also happy about these times.

Yes, I grew up here and return now. I and my wife have been looking forward to Arosa. I do not lead on the ice, the legacy of my father, that was my primary thought, but it is, of course, the icing on the cake. I always said that I would like to once again play for the EHC. And now I got the Chance. The sporty ambitions are also interesting. Here you want to achieve something. All of the big stand behind the idea of the EHC Arosa again, or shall we say make it bigger. The passion you feel properly again.

Kim: From many people that they have in the past, often for hours, to Arrive in purchasing, simply because they wanted to Arosa Fans and a game.

master of the night for example?
Since I don’t know, to be honest, many of the Details.

You might think that we were in front of the Play in the output or so. But honestly, that’s not true. Maybe it was two days before the Match (smiles). Curfew was around eleven o’clock. As we were then even longer in the Bar on the way, we saw our coach Let Lilja come in. He has always controlled the pimples hard. Now, we have hidden in us all and the people said to him, there is no player here. Drunk but we didn’t.
Kim: the coach has always controlled, I’ve heard. the
Gas, we gave it to the Play only in the Bars or went dancing. Name I will not tell you now, of course, but we often played cards, so “schanfiggerlet”. And there was one of us who has set his car and playful. The car two or three was at the time, perhaps a Thousand francs value.

I have never Suffered under it. As a Junior in Arosa, I got to hear from opponents that I can play, because my name is Lindemann. To me, this thought came to never. Later, it was more so that I get thanks to of the Name a Chance, for a sample workout, for example. And there I was able to impose on me. With the time, but the Name had no influence, one has to bring his power yet. Otherwise, it is away from the window, no matter how it is called.

nightmare ?
mark, and I also had “Chritz” to each other. As I completed against Bern an offensive action myself, to fit in instead of him, and there was a gate, he drove up to me and said: “you can’t hit, you’d get something to hear from me!” We always played in the same storm line, hit on the ice blindly. We as a Duo were really strong for Swiss conditions. And we have always stood for each other in.

…then good night! (laughs) Then there were two.
Kim: I have seen Sven in Langnau the rise in the National League, and after the first NL season. So many years we were together before the opponent, and then finally. We have enjoyed it. It was fun to have the brother in his own Team. From him I heard other stories, then I was able to experience it myself.

That he makes in the dressing room is often just a “Seich”, and this was then confirmed. Also in the positive sense. He was for the team to be an important character.

Mega! To keep track of Kim’s as well as Sven’s careers was always great, just a few fathers, is the privilege of so. And who knows Hockey, knows that both Lindemann’s in Langnau had a large share in the rise. If you were together in the Boxplay on the ice, they were also dead strong.

Earlier in our young years, he was still more of a critic and called us after the Play. With time, this has subsided somewhat. Or have I simply played better and he found so many errors (smiles). Later, we used only two, three days later.
Guido: True, I have often been critical of and have given tips to game trains. But actually, did you know it also always. I just wanted to give my two cents as well.

(laughs) Yes, I’m also curious. My parents are my bosses.

Rappi ?
, Unfortunately, will not live, because I had in February of an accident. I fell in shovelling snow from the roof and have severely injured me, me in the thigh, pelvis and pubic broken leg. I was lucky, when I would be otherwise pleased, might be sitting up I might be here now.

no, except once when I with Chur in Geneva played and a stick in the eye got. During the Operation, in the olden days, you had to sew behind the eye, has taken the eyeball, somehow, slightly out of it, it was incredibly painful. But not nearly as bad as now in this accident. After several weeks of hospital and rehab I was back home, but in Arosa, it had so much snow that I could hardly get out of the house. I didn’t want to fall down again, or take a risk. That’s why I was able to visit not a game.

no, the four teeth I lost as a twenty-year-old in dübendorf. My father was at the game, as I got a Slapshot from my own blade deflected in the face. Funny is that I met those players, about ten years later at the Openair St. Gallen. When he heard my name, he said to me, “I am the way, the player whose shot did you get into the back of the face”.
Guido: it looked terrible. It was only when he got up again and independently out could drive, I was somewhat reassured. I drove him then to the dentist. Sven I was there, too, as he got in his last game for Langnau a Puck in the face and the zygomatic bone broke. Can mend it all somehow (laughs).

EHC Arosa during their 18 years in the country is always followed?
At the beginning of a very intense, Yes. Since I have returned for weekends in Arosa, Switzerland. With the time it was less. Except for the ZSC, because Segi (Mathias Seger, ed.) for Uzwil fante and I completed for Arosa and sometimes we even bet for duels. My heart all these years was yellow-blue.

Not today, or tomorrow. But in the longer term, this Plan is. If we can increase from year to year, I see this goal is fully realistic. The passion is there.

from 1970 to 1986, the striker when the EHC Arosa. 1973 promotion to the NLB, 1977 promotion to the NLA, champion in 1980 and 1982. In 1981 the first Swiss Topskorer (79 points) and 1982 (67 points). 1986: Arosa, rose voluntarily in the 1. League.

In the case of the Arosa Junior/1./2. League from 1997 to 2001. Striker/defender with ZSC, Langnau, Visp, went back to 2019 again to Arosa.