The Federal Council raises the Alarm: Because of too few service subject to military service, is not able to provide the army the required performance. Also the equipment of the associations is not yet complete.

To the Federal Council in a report on the further development of the army (WEA), he has released today. The army reform is being implemented since 2018, and is according to the Federal Council, in principle, on course. The improved squad training, regional anchorage and the greater readiness of some of the formations have reached the desired state already, he writes.

the Problem is according to the Federal Council, however, the personnel under the stock. The aim of an effective inventory of 140’000 members of the army is surpassed currently slightly. The stock is going to decrease in the next few years, however, writes the Federal Council.

Problem No. 1: the civil service

The biggest Problem is, according to the report of the civil service. Impact on the poor stock the high number of registrations and the change after the recruit school, as well as the exchange of specialists and the poor cadres of the civil service. Another reason for the decline in Arms is that the duration of the training service for teams and officers will be lowered from twelve to ten years.

According to information of the Federal Council 2018 the required number of Draftees, which complete the recruit school and in the formations can be divided, for the first time below. In order to keep the effective stock, it takes a year to 18’000 members of the army, for the full military service. Without a course correction, this number will sub-steps, writes the Federal Council.

recruits need more training

The course correction is already under way. The introduction of the differentiated suitability has led in recent years to 6.8 percent more military fit for service. With the principle of the progressive increase in performance in the history of the school for recruits, the renunciation of power marches in the first three weeks and the introduction of four weekly sports lessons, the number of medical redundancies was reduced during the recruit school.

In February, the Federal Council has proposed to the Parliament also a Revision of the civil service law. This aims to reduce the number of changes in the civil service following completion of recruit school.

Doctors and computer scientists are missing

gaps in the Federal Council sees also to the professional military and civilian personnel, especially highly qualified specialists such as Doctors, engineers or computer scientists. If the personnel Allocation, the army would not ensure, from the acting to the inevitably negative effect on their readiness, and – in a use case – on your ability and your performance, it is said in the report.

there are also problems with the equipment. The gaps can be reduced up to the end of the five-year wind turbine implementation, but not completely eliminated, as the Federal Council writes. Nevertheless, the army will be able to meet the probable operations without performance compromise. (SDA)