For an urgent organ transportation has opened the Swiss air force on Tuesday night, as the airfield Payerne, VD. For army spokesman Daniel Reist, it is “an exception that called for quite a lot of use”.

It was gone in a matter of an urgent transport of organs for surgery in a West Swiss hospital to ensure. The special plane from Spain had landed at 2 o’clock in Payerne. A medical Team have taken on the rapid road transport to the hospital then.

Bad weather in Bern, Zurich to said far

At the request of the news Agency Keystone SDA will continue to Travel, he had encountered such a special opening because of a medical Emergency for yourself never. Air traffic controllers of Skyguide and a team of airfield fire-brigade would have a short term need to be called out.

Normally such aircraft to land on the national airports. Geneva was not according to the army, but because of ongoing maintenance work by Skyguide in question. The slopes in Bern-Belp could not be used due to the meteorological conditions. And between Zürich-Kloten and the hospital would have claimed the road transport to a lot of time.

Import from Spain

for More Details, the Federal Department for defence, civil protection and Sport (VBS) was not known. So it remains open, whether the patient or of the patient to a foreign head of state, what was transported for an Organ, and why this from Spain was imported.

of course, that in particular the Western Swiss hospitals are often visited by foreign Celebrities for treatments. Just persons in the environment of international Geneva regularly in Switzerland operate.

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in 2017, were, according to Switzerland tourism, more than 35’900 patients living abroad in Swiss hospitals and clinics. They accounted for around 2 percent of all patients. More than half of them were self-payer.

Switzerland tourism wants to make the domestic hospitals to a world-leading destination for health tourism, as the organization announced until the beginning of the week. Starting next year, the appropriate promotion are planned activities in the promising markets of China, Russia and the Gulf States. (SDA)