Armenia will return countrymen from Moscow after 23 April

YEREVAN, 18 Jul – RIA Novosti. The Armenian authorities intend to organize the return of compatriots from Moscow after 23 April, said the office, created in the period declared for coronavirus emergency.

it is Noted that from 14 March to 17 April returns from a number of countries 21 206 citizens of the country. “Steps in this direction will be consistent, and even in those cases when it is impossible to organize a return immediately is taking all possible measures to ensure that the needs of our citizens in place, including issues of accommodation,” said the commandant.

Earlier in social networks there was video from the airport “Domodedovo”, which shows that about 30 men are in one of the halls, they surrounded one man, who was talking on the phone. According to men, they are citizens of Armenia and deal with the Ambassador on the issue of repatriation.

on Friday, the Armenian Embassy in Russia confirmed to RIA Novosti that Moscow airport are citizens of the Republic who are waiting for a new flight. According to the Embassy, “in the afternoon we gather more than 100 people, and at night, about 25-30”.

In Armenia to combat the spread of coronavirus declared a state of emergency from March 16 to may 14. In the country identified in 1201 cases of infection, 19 patients died. From 25 March to 12 April was temporarily discontinued operation of enterprises and institutions, except strategically important, a restriction on the movement of citizens. Later item about the expiration of the April 12 period, the restrictions imposed were removed from the order of the commandant.

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