The su-30 of the Ministry of defense of Armenia will be raised in the air. About it the press service of the defense Ministry told RIA Novosti.

The day before yesterday, as reported by “the Rambler”, the Armenian defense Ministry accused Azerbaijan in the shelling of their positions, the Azerbaijani defense Ministry Armenia of shelling its.

Yesterday the Azerbaijani Ministry of defence reported the destruction of manpower, motor vehicles, artillery and a strong point of Armenia in the course of night fighting and firing positions, radar stations, tanks, armored personnel carriers, more than 20 soldiers of the battalion headquarters and military infrastructure of Armenia in the second half of the day.

Azerbaijan threatened Armenia with war

Today, the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan accused Armenia of shelling Dondar Gushchu village of Tovuz district from artillery and heavy weapons.

Meanwhile, the Armenian defense Ministry announced the imminent lifting of the su-30CM in the air for training, and that the fighters will not be involved on the border with Azerbaijan.

Yesterday the Ministry of foreign Affairs (MFA) of Russia has expressed his concern over the sharp aggravation of the situation on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan and encouraged both countries to exercise restraint.