The German armed forces starts with a reduction of their troops in Afghanistan.

Currently, around 1,300 soldiers as part of the Nato Mission “Resolute Support” in Afghanistan. The number will be reduced as a result of the agreement between the United States and the Taliban until the middle of July 2020 to 18 percent.

► “in Concrete terms, this means that until the middle of July 2020 according to current plans, about 18 percent of the posts in the German quota, not more should be used. This planning is coordinated with all coalition partners within the Resolute Support Mission,“ said a spokesman for the defense Ministry on Tuesday.

Internal tests had revealed that the contract for the training and advising Afghan troops, also in the case of a reduction may be continued. In the North of Afghanistan, Germany is with the German armed forces, a so-called framework nation, the benefits for others involved in the armed forces holds.