note, the 20. October could jeopardize your relationship! To this end, a new representative study. This is because politics and love – not one without the other.

“Who pulls out a change of course in his political views and otherwise selects the to date, you risk under certain circumstances, his relationship,” writes the matchmaking exchange Parship, on the occasion of the National Council and Council of States elections of 20. October, the Swiss under the bed and into the election envelope – looked.

Younger want to be like-Minded data

Striking: Younger, it is important that the Treasury chooses the same as you. One out of every five between the ages of 18 and 49 years, would leave his Partner, even if this would be used instead of SVP, suddenly, the Green – or instead of SP all of a sudden the GLP. “22 percent of all respondents indicate that a different political stance would be a separation of reason”, according to the study.

With the tolerance of the Younger do not have it so. “The younger the respondents, the more likely it is that they want to know which political party your Partner, choose your partner,” write the study authors.

In the case of the older semesters, it is not so crucial: Only ten percent of the more than 50-Year-old would your partnership question, if you are politically in the hair.

be Apolitical makes unsexy

With the class enemy in the bed? No, the allure of the rate of the forfeited Swiss Singles not. But beware: as with policy deal is not announced, if you want to fall in love: Because for more than a third of the Swiss, it is important that a potential Partner interested in politics.

the German-Swiss are eager to with 38 percent stronger than in Western Switzerland (26 percent), to have a politically-interested Partner. The politically narrow-minded most of the Zürcher are: 59 per cent of the residents of the largest city in Switzerland want to be able to discuss with the partners about policy and more than half places great value on a similar political stance.

is not Apolitical announced in the Federal capital also. 40 percent of the Berner value, politically-interested Partner. Otherwise in the middle of the country: Neither class enemy nor friend there in bed. With 54 percent you want-most commonly a non-political Partner.

In Zurich, loves so, how to select

A similar political stance is the German Swiss are much more important than the latter. So it is with the secrecy of voting in Zurich beds far: Every second of Zurich, would like to know which party the Partner, chooses. Every Fifth requires that the treasure will send the same people to Bern. Those who want to slag each other off with the loved one about policy, you should live a better life in French-speaking Switzerland – where it is in terms of attitude to be more tolerant.

His dagger at political opponents, to vote only to the treasure? This is the Swiss to far! The Partner of another party for the sake of only 14 percent of the respondents would choose.

French-speaking Swiss are not schätzelt the most radical

And beyond the röstigraben, it is best if you open the choice of envelope in the first place: “In Geneva, a number of international organisations have their headquarters, interestingly, expect Geneva interior Geneva with only 15 percent not only in the West Switzerland, but also in Switzerland, at the least political interest from the Partner,” the study’s authors.

Almost half of Geneva’s preferably, even entirely non-political Partner. However, if politically, then Geneva mating are most willing to the most radical: “Geneva will find it most common of all the French-speaking is important that the Partner, the partner selects the same party,” said the study authors.

The study was conducted from 5. to 10. July 2019 from the digital market and opinion research company carried out. Were surveyed 500 women and 500 men aged 18 to 69 years in Switzerland (Western Switzerland, Zurich, Berne, Eastern Switzerland, Mittelland, Central Switzerland, northwestern Switzerland, and the Grisons).