the reason for the shutdown: The ARD gets no more money to distribute the programs via satellite. Is affected, however, “only” of the now-obsolete existing SD Standard. 80% of the satellite households receive their programmes already in HD. The HD channels are broadcast by the ARD to continue via Astra-satellite. The shutdown is scheduled for early 2021.

The First tagessschau24, One and ARD-alpha will be Shut down. Also, arte will say goodbye to this time with its SD Version from the satellite. Furthermore, all third party programs are set. So the concerns, for example, the NDR, WDR, Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), Hessischer Rundfunk (HR), as well as the SWR, RBB, or the MDR. The production Director of the WDR Wolfgang Wagner said in an Interview with info digital. The shutdown will take place on 12. January 2021 to be done. The shutdown of the ZDF as the last public broadcasters, there is still no Information.

the RTL will remain in SD on Astra

The private broadcaster RTL, however, his SD had extended contracts with Astra, however, until the beginning of 2020. The reason is that RTL is received via satellite in HD only against money. The are not, however, pay a lot of viewers to be ready. Only 16 percent have posted to appropriate services. A shutdown of the unencrypted SD signal would provide RTL for a massive range of loss and therefore a drop in advertising revenue. Until 2024, the transmitter remains safe receivable via Astra.

The ARD turns off the transmitter, because the KEF has provided no money for a parallel distribution of SD and HD via satellite. The KEF, the Commission for the determination of the financial requirements of public broadcasters. From their calculations, the broadcasting contribution. The ARD would have been more in SD send, would have to take the money from other pots.

I Receive HD or SD?

The HD channels are almost all in your displayed Logo with the word “HD”. You should this with any television program will see is your reception technique is very likely not HD compatible, and you respond should.

Think about your parents or grandparents. This to receive your TV Signal via satellite? Then you should check at your next visit once, whether the received HD channels. If this is not the case, you should inform them accordingly.

How do I receive HD channels?

Have you still no HD channels, so you have to after all, your satellite dish will very likely not replace it. Replace you need to your satellite Receiver. He must be HD-capable. Even if your TV is not even capable of HD channels to display.

a few of the Receiver to allow the TV connection via Scart cable to older TV to connect. You will then see a HD Logo in the picture on the TV, the Signal will be down. Appropriate HD-satellite-Receiver you can get for 30 euros. You have no HDTV in the strict sense, but The First and the other stations continue to see.

HD Receiver to buy

This article was written by Thorsten Neuhetzki

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